Re: [ecasound] new webserver/DNS, mailing list change on the way

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Feb 05 2005 - 18:26:03 EET


today I've changed the MX records (i.e. a new mail server is
handling all mails for, and unfortunately not all went smootly.
First, it seems that some mails from are not coming through to my
accounts at

More importantly, the ecasound-list@email-addr-hidden alias does not work. does not accept mails, forwarded from the new mail server.
This means that the address:


... must be used from now on for posting to the list. Mails to the old
ecasound-list@email-addr-hidden and ecasound-list@email-addr-hidden addresses will end up
to my personal mail box. I'll try to bounce these to the list manually.

... otherwise the hosting changes are now almost all done.
Hopefully we can soon return back to the normal development routine and
forget about these project infra worries.

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> Hello list,
> the domain has been relocated to a new server today. Also DNS
> server for the domain has changed. If you note any problems, please report
> them to me. Mirrors of the website are available at and
> The next phase of changes is moving this mailing list to
> I will take care of resubscribing you all to the new list, but do note
> that:
> - you may get a confirmation message from about the subscription;
> I'm not sure whether you need to confirm it with a reply (please
> read the instructions :))
> - posting to the new list will only be allowed from subscribed addresses
> (this is unavoidable; otherwise we face the same spam problems as
> alsa-devel/alsa-user are suffering from)
> - list server will of course change (remember to update your
> filtering rules, etc)
> - web archives will continue to be available at
> - this old list will be disabled once the new list goes online
> - the ecasound-list@email-addr-hidden alias, the offial list post address,
> will continue to work also with the new list
> ... I don't know for sure when the change will occur as that depends on
> staff (I cannot make mass-subscriptions without their help), but I
> will send a mail to the old list before finally closing it down...

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