[ecasound] advice for mixing

From: <will@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 07:44:45 EET

     Thank you for your app. It has helped us greatly with our recording
and mixing. We mix three and four part harmonies. We output either
three or four stereo chains to an stero file. We edit and sync our
tracks in Audacity, but can't mix in it(easily) because the result
Even with several inputs, the resultant ecasound mixed file does not clip
if none of the inputs clip.
1)Without extra parameters, does ecasound average the levels for the
several inputs in mixes?
2)Originally we were only going to use ecasound for recording(first app.
that didn't clip :-)) Now we are planning to use ecasound for more
elaborate mixes. It seems after we mix we need to run ecanormalize as the
output file can sometimes have fairly low levels. I could well be doing
something fundamentally wrong, and we do not apply gain/pan individual
channels as many on this list seem to. However, before I spend a lot of
time playing with mixes, any ideas?


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