RE: [ecasound] Re: Resampling in realtime

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 23:16:42 EET

Hello all,

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Kamil Wencel wrote:
> Here is some overview :
> Latest ecasound

What version exactly, latest official or latest snapshot? Please
use the latest snapshot for any libsamplerate related testing:

This is the same link Aaron posted earlier.

> This is important. Since there have been some issues in the past regarding
> standard libsamplerate, secret rabbit code and its resample-hq option in
> ecasound are a must. What was discovered is summarized by the following :

I agree. I won't release 2.4.0 before this is solved.

> Example 2: George Michael - Best of - Fastlove
> The results are catastrophic. Clearly hearable clicks and ticks
> especially
> when there is much dynamic in the song.

You could resample the song with sndfile-resample tool from libsamplerate
package and compare the result to file converted with Ecasound. You should
get identical results.

> Could this be some effect because the original file was compressed too much
> during mastering ? this is quite a common problem these days. Most studios
> don't care about people with real high-end equipment anymore. They just
> stuff the music so that it will play well on radio or low tech customer
> gear.

This is possible. You could also try adding a -ea:95 to the processing
chain to see if the result sounds better. If yes, there is a bug somewhere
related to peak value processing...

> Someone on the list ( I don't remember his name ) had some ideas which
> sounded rather profound. Please let us not give up on that issue again.

I did major changes to libsamplerate support in the 2.3.6 snapshot linked

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