[ecasound] Re: Resampling in realtime

From: Simon Werner <swerner@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jan 24 2005 - 04:47:45 EET

Maybe I'm do not understand ALSA and how it interoperates with the Delta
1010 properly. I have a couple of basic questions about everything works
under the hood:
ecasound -t:3 -f:24,8,44100 -erc:5,1 -o rec1.wav

Does this set the sampling rate of the Delta 1010 to 44100 Hz and lets
the Delta 1010 do all the down-sampling?
Or does it open the Delta 1010 at it's default sampling rate (96 kHz)
and then save the audio at 44100 Hz (using some kind of a budget


On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 10:25 +1300, Simon Werner wrote:
> Is ecasound capable of resampling (using resample-hq) an input in
> realtime? I have tried the following command and ecasound hangs
> ecasound -t:3 -f:24,8,96000 -i resample,44100,alsa,default -erc:5,1
> -f:24,1,44100 -o rec1.wav
> I hit <CTRL>-<C> a couple of times and get the message
> Warning: DBC_ENSURE failed - "is_running() == false",
> eca-control-base.cpp, 266.
> Also, the file created is 44 bytes.
> I was also wondering if the following (possible) bug has been fixed:
> http://www.eca.cx/ecasound-list/2004/07/0028.html
> Cheers,
> Simon

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