[ecasound] problem using -km with preset

From: Adam Linson <adam@email-addr-hidden-s.com>
Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 20:37:19 EET

hello all,

i was wondering if anyone else might be able to test this, but i am
pretty certain it is a bug.

i use the -km option a lot and i have never had a problem with it, until
now. i wanted to use a preset with -km in it and i get the error
"(midi-cc) WARNING: No MIDI-server found!". keep in mind the exact same
code works just fine when not in a preset. i tried it out for global
presets and file-based ones. i also tried adding the preset (cop-add
-pn:... / -pf:...) after the chain setup was already connected and the
"(eca-engine) Initializing MIDI-server." was already successfully
returned, but the same warning appeared and in this case even caused a

i am using the latest snapshot but also tested it with 2.3.0 with no

thanks for any help,

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