Re: [ecasound] segfault with 24bit recording on ice1712

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 10:38:13 EET

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Tommi Sakari Uimonen wrote:

> But I'm not using hw interface, I'm using plughw which does the correct
> conversion already in the alsa layer.

Hmm, true, but the segfault might be coming from ALSA. A back-trace
with gdb would help to trace the cause...

> The only format in which direct hw
> access works, is 32,12,96000 but the conversion to 24 sounds crap:
> ecasound -f:s32_le,12,96000 -i:alsa,hw -f:s24_le,2,96000 -o:temp.wav

Really? What application you used for verifying temp.wav? Does it
also sound bad when played with ecasound? You could try using libsndfile's
conversion routines and compare the results:

ecasound -f:s32_le,12,96000 -i:alsa,hw -f:s24_le,2,96000 -o:sndfile,temp.wav

> Strange, since they have the same chip, but this sounds crap on my card.
> I suspect that the 32->24 conversion loses wrong 8 bits or the ordering of
> the three bytes left is wrong. I should do some researching before I can
> truly say what happens. (That is, record 32 then convert it to 24 with
> some other program and compare it to ecasound's conversion)

If that's really the case, then there is a bug ... which should be fixed

> ps. I guess my subscription to the list has lost since my mails go through
> the moderator.

Oops, sorry. I'm in the process of moving this list to
and this caused the moderator messages. I now disabled the notify

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