Re: [ecasound] segfault with 24bit recording on ice1712

From: Tommi Sakari Uimonen <tuimonen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 10:14:58 EET

>> Hi. I have Audiophile 2496 card (ice1712 alsa driver) and recording 24bit
>> gives a segmentation fault after stopping the recording.
>> ecasound -f:24,2,96000 -i alsa,plughw -o temp.wav
> When using the hw interface for ice1712, you have to read 32-bit samples.

But I'm not using hw interface, I'm using plughw which does the correct
conversion already in the alsa layer. The only format in which direct hw
access works, is 32,12,96000 but the conversion to 24 sounds crap:

ecasound -f:s32_le,12,96000 -i:alsa,hw -f:s24_le,2,96000 -o:temp.wav

> You can then then convert to 24 for output, e.g., this works on my machine
> (Delta 1010 also an ice1712):
> ecasound -f:s32_le,2,96000 -i:alsa,plughw -f:s24_le,2,96000 -o:temp.wav

Strange, since they have the same chip, but this sounds crap on my card.
I suspect that the 32->24 conversion loses wrong 8 bits or the ordering of
the three bytes left is wrong. I should do some researching before I can
truly say what happens. (That is, record 32 then convert it to 24 with
some other program and compare it to ecasound's conversion)


ps. I guess my subscription to the list has lost since my mails go through
the moderator.

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