latest changes; cosmetic changes, log-history, etc

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Subject: latest changes; cosmetic changes, log-history, etc
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 22:28:08 EET

Hello everyone,

I've today commited quite extensive changes to the CVS-tree. The diff
between 2.3.5 and CVS HEAD is already over 9000 lines. Fortunately most of
the changes are cosmetic and do not affect functionality in any way (IOW,
there should be only few if any bugs introduced by these changes). Some

* Log message history. The EIAM command 'int-log-history' shows
  you N recent log messages printed via Ecasound subsystem, and
  'int-set-log-history-length' sets the buffer size.
  This should be a very useful tool for debugging ECI scripts
  and apps: issue int-log-history at the place when something
  odd happens and ta-daa, you see the whole log of what happened.

* Cosmetic changes to ecasound output. In the interactive mode
  (does not affect wellformed output or -D), Ecasound now wraps
  all lines so that they fit into 74 columns. I've copied the
  "... " prefix from the python interpreter to mark lines that
  are spread over multiple lines.

* Code added to analyze problems with chainsetups. If you
  now make common errors like:
  ecasound -i foo.wav -i -o rtnull
  ecasound -a:1 -i foo.wav -a:2 -i bar.wav -o rtnull
  .. ecasound will try to explain what is wrong with the
  configurations. This is realted to edi-40, "Update to error and warning
  reporting mechanisms.".

A new snapshot including all the new stuff is available at:

And here's the whole list of changes since 2.3.5:

        - edi-entries: edi-40 progress
        - added: support for having commas in arguments by escaping
                  them with a backslash (example: "ai-add foo\,bar.wav")
        - added: pretty-printing of ecasound output; wrap output so
                 so that all lines fit into 74 columns; does not affect
                 wellformed output mode nor stderr output (-D)
        - added: new section about handling commas in filenames to
                 Ecasound User's Guide
        - added: eiam - new 'int-log-history' command to query
                  recent log messages sent by libecasound; this is a very
                 useful tool for debugging ECI scripts and apps
        - added: eiam - new 'int-set-log-history-length' command to set
                 log history length; default to 5 items
        - changed: more helpful messages explain why a chainsetup
                   cannot be connected to the engine
        - changed: EIAM - when returning a list of strings, replace all
                   commas with semi-colons in the string items to avoid
                   ambiguity in parsing
        - changed: new default debug level of 271
        - fixed: correctly interpret EIAM command arguments containing
                 whitespace (example: "ai-add foo bar.wav")
        - fixed: denormal problems in filter and delay operators
        - fixex: setting radius params of -etc comb filter
        - fixed: make check target in readline-4.0 subdir
        - fixed: avoid segfault when receiving a bufsize or srate
                 changed event from JACK; ecasound cannot change bufsize
                 or srate changes on the fly, but at least it now fails
        - fixed: always pass filename (%f) as one parameter to the
                 external apps; fixed remaining cases with mp3s, oggs,
                 which have spaces in the filename

 Audio software for Linux!

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