Re: [ecasound] (potential) last_float() / copp-get bug in C ECI

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] (potential) last_float() / copp-get bug in C ECI
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 12:06:56 EEST

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Adam Linson wrote:

> ecasound-iam man page could clarify this. Under the heading "ECI API and
> return types", instead of "Commands that do not return anything are
> marked with [-]" it could read "Commands that return nothing...". A

Thanks, updated the man page in CVS.

> Also, your sentence above ("the values returned ... issued") could be
> added to the ECI Guide under "3.2.2 Return values" for further
> clarification. It seems to add new information to the opening paragraph
> of that section.

Updated to CVS as well.

> Basically, I'm wondering if it would be architecturally consistent to
> implement something like "[*]-selected-status". As far as I can tell,
> right now a "cop-status" (or "aio-status", etc.) returns information for
> all objects of that type, regardless if they're selected or not. In some
> cases, it could be useful to get the status of selected objects only,
> with something like "cop-selected-status", for example, when doing a lot
> of parsing of the returned string in an ECI API.

The design goal is that you get all the information provided by
"XXX-status" using more fine-grained query commands. For example by
using information provided by "map-cop-list" (what parameters are
available), you can query all parameter values of a given operator using
"cop-select", "copp-list", "copp-select" and "copp-get".

The "XXX-status" variants were created originally for interactive use to
make it easier to query the session state. The problem of these commands
is that the output format is not really suitable for automated parsing of
results. A slight change of formatting will break apps that try to do
this. Commands like "copp-get" and "map-cop-list" return status
information in well-defined and easily parsable format, and are thus the
preferred way to expose session status information to apps.

PS And note to Jan Weil -- I haven't forgotten about the
   comma-related bugs with "cop-list" and "map-cop-list" output.. ;)
   I'll try to fix these in the upcoming Ecasound releases.

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