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Subject: why this works now ...
From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki (eric_AT_zhevny.com)
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 06:29:02 EEST

Well, now that I know ecasound's rtnull is not meant for use with the
kind of thing I was trying to do and remembered that you can't add a
chainop to 2 chains at once ... This whole thing works in one ecasound
instance, with or without jack ... I feel really foolish for making all
this noise on the lists all week ... <hangs head in shame> I'll try to
write up something for the ecasound docs to explain this so others don't
make the same mistake.

There is still a slight zipper noise in the -ea: controller. Steve seems
to think that's related to the analogueOsc somehow, but I don't see how
it could be since the plugin doesn't have an amplitude control. The
glitchiness in the audio output seems to be pretty much gone. It was
probably a symptom of the xruns due to the rtnull object and the rest of
the settup running off different clocks (system vs. soundcard).

One weird thing, though. Before I remembered to split the doubled chains
out into separate lines I tried to get the previous version to work with
-i:null instead of rtnull. It worked to play via jack, but, as soon as I
connected another ecasound to the first's jack ports the first ecasound
got kicked out.

I haven't tried checking on the .ecs problem, yet. But, I'm guessing I
probably just messed something up with that, too. :(

Oh well. Thanks for everyone's help. The working ecasound only version
is attached. Sorry for cross-posting again, but since I went and spread
this "problem" all over 4 different lists, I figured I should wrap it up
on at least 2. I figure most people on LAD and jackit-devel are probably
on LAU, too.

The upside is we have another positive experience with the patched 2.6
kernel to report. And for myself, I'm finally using this controller I
bought almost a year ago to have some fun making sounds. I can go ahead
and write my randomized ECI versions as well. I'll also look into adding
interpolation to the analogueOsc Hz control.

Eric Rz.


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