RE: [ecasound] ecasound resample problem [signed]

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Subject: RE: [ecasound] ecasound resample problem [signed]
From: Kamil Wencel [c] (
Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 07:24:29 EEST


from here I am out ;) - You're the man - I just want plain, well converted
music. What to do next ? Keep that analysing trip up please ;).
It maybe bring us somewhere.


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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound resample problem [u]

Kamil Wencel wrote:

> If memory serves Kai right he and I had a chat about that issue
> some month ago. His first idea was that maybe an updated version
> of secret rabbit code would help. But it did not.
> Maybe with combined efforts we can find a solution.
> Kai, what can we do ?

As a first check, I ran my 96kHz sine-wave files though
sndfile-resample, which is an example application that comes with
libsamplerate. In every case, the files produced by sndfile-resample do
not have the clicking which implies that libsamplerate is OK.

Then I took a close look at the clicks and they have resemble a sinc
function, which suggests that the error is in filling the input buffers
to libsamplerate.

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