recording problems JACK,ecasound

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Subject: recording problems JACK,ecasound
From: H. T. Hind (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 04:42:36 EEST


I'm trying to setup a recording server which can record 24/7
using JACK and ecasound. Currently , I have a recording script
kicked off from cron which records 4 channels for 10 minutes,
every ten minutes. If I have an instance of ecasound recording
and I kick off another one, everything hangs! even a simple
command like jack_lsp hangs. I have to kill the instances of
ecasound, jack daemon and restart the jack daemon.

I start the jack daemon
/usr/bin/jackd -v --timeout=5000 -d alsa -C -s -d hw:2 -r 44100 -p 2048

jack logs show the following -
++ jack_rechain_graph():
client ecarecord_9248: start_fd=5, execution_order=0.
client jclient.9110: in subgraph after ecarecord_9248, execution_order=1.
client ecarecord_9011: in subgraph after ecarecord_9248, execution_order=2.
client qjackctl-7035: in subgraph after ecarecord_9248, execution_order=3.
client jclient.9011: in subgraph after ecarecord_9248, execution_order=4.
client ecarecord_9248: wait_fd=20, execution_order=5.
client alsa_pcm: internal client, execution_order=6.
client ecarecord_9110: start_fd=25, execution_order=6.
client jclient.9248: in subgraph after ecarecord_9110, execution_order=7.
client ecarecord_9110: wait_fd=23, execution_order=8 (last client).
-- jack_rechain_graph()
late driver wakeup: nframes to process = 4096.
++ jack_rechain_graph():
client jclient.9248: start_fd=5, execution_order=0.
client jclient.9248: wait_fd=8, execution_order=1.
client alsa_pcm: internal client, execution_order=2.
client ecarecord_9110: start_fd=13, execution_order=2.
client jclient.9011: in subgraph after ecarecord_9110,

The log from the ecasound process shows -

(ecasoundc_sa) Error='read() error', cmd='cs-disconnect'
last_error='' cmd_cnt=381 last_cnt=380

I'm using a Python script to control the ecasound process

I have the following setup -

H/W - Dual PIII , 512 Mb, IDE hds
Sound card - Delta 1010 lt
S/W - RH 9
Kernel - planet ccrma 2.4.20-28.1.caps.rh90.ccrmasmp
Jack - 0.94
Alsa - 1.0.1
ecasound - 2.3.2

I'd appreciate any suggestions/inputs.



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