Re: Re: [ecasound] Visecas 0.3.1 CRASH

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Subject: Re: Re: [ecasound] Visecas 0.3.1 CRASH
From: Jan Weil (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 01:24:16 EET

Hi bart once more,

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 22:57, wrote:
> Be ADVISED there is NO such target as 'make uninstall'
> in EITHER ruby-gtk or ruby-gnome-all
> This is the report from ruby extconf.rb

Yes, once again you are absolutely right.
I didn't notice this yet because I usually install software from source
code using checkinstall (
Thereby I can be sure that I can safely uninstall it no matter which
build system was used.
I only saw configure and associated autotools which was wrong.

[snip error messages]

Unfortunately these error messages do not contain the commandline which
calls the compiler.
To me it looks like a missing -I (preprocessor include path) which would
point to a bug in ruby-gnome2's configure scripts (maybe this is due to
the uncommon /opt path? but pkg-config should catch that... hmmm?).
If you want me to debug this please send me all the output which is
generated after you type 'make'.

> these are my SuSe 9.0 current with January 15, 2004
> upgrades.
> I seem to have these for glade
> libglade2-2.0.1-398
> libglade-0.17-44
> libglade-devel-0.17-44
> glade-0.6.4-623
> libglade2-devel-2.0.1-398

These should suffice.

> I hesitate to say this; but
> I have found delelopers using gnone apps to be
> stuck with numerous fine upgrade distinctions
> Also red hat and suse do not use the same
> file standard (this may change we hear)

Bart, I'm sorry you have all these inconviniences.
But after all I do not really feel responsible for these issues. ;)
Please note however that Visecas does not depend on GNOME as a whole but
only on libgtk2 and libglade2 (+ Ruby bindings which admittedly seem to
be the problem here).
I deliberately avoided any further dependencies.
I must admit that ruby-gnome2 is not as popular as say
pygtk/gnome-python which is a pitty.
Maybe Visecas' development will result in ruby-gnome2's packages being
added to all of the major distributions. :-)


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