Re: [ecasound] having problems recording

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] having problems recording
From: Rocco (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 15:54:38 EET wrote:
> Hello there list,
> I can not get ecasound to record from either the mike
> or my line in which is where my keyboard is hooked up.
> Can some one give me some ideas please? I am using
> Debian 3.0r2 with 128mb memory a 20 and 120Gb drive.
> I have a Crate professional mike here that I am using.
> I have the keyboard which is a Yamaha connected to
> the line in jack. Thanks for the help.

I hope that you mean that the (audio) line out of the keyboard is going
to the line in of the card. If it is, then read on...

(this was a follow-up post sent after the above email)...

> I had forgotten some important information. So here
> we go. I am using kernel 2.4.22 with the emu10k
> module loaded. I am using the Soundblaster Live.
> Not sure what else to put in here but if there are
> questions feel free to ask.

If you are using the alsa sound system (most likely) then if you go to a
shell and type --> alsamixer, you will see all the controls of your
soundblaster card.

I've heard it mentioned on one of these email lists that alsamixer not
only shows you controls that other mixers (sometimes) don't reveal, but
it will also show you controls that don't pertain to the card that you
have in your system.

The following worked for me and I have a soundblaster live card also. So
I hope it works for you...

Use your left and right arrow keys (<- or -> keys) to move around in

Go to "Line". You should see "CAPTUR" at the top of that "slider". If
you don't, then press your space bar. (you'll see "CAPTUR" at the top now).

Use your up and down arrow keys to set the volume (80 is probly good).
If you don't hear anything coming out of your headphones or speakers,
look and see if there's an "mm" just under "CAPTUR". If there is, then
press your "m" key once to (un)mute that channel.

== You can use ecaound to monitor your recordings (that's another
discussion). Sometimes (un)muting "Line" can cause all kinds of echo and
feedback if you monitor via ecaound.

Use your right arrow key to move down to the "Capture" slider. Press the
space bar to set capture. Use your up and down arrow keys to adjust the
volume (80 is probly good).

If you can't record (or monitor the incoming sound) from the line input
now, then there may need to be something else to turned on, (un)mute or
something. Alsamixer has been a great point of fustration for me (and a
bit of a mystery).

I have no way of testing the mic input on my card. But most likely, go
to the "Mic" slider and try the (above) ways of turning on/off capture,
mute and so on...

This is what I did once I got the right settings (there's probly a
better or maybe even "more standarized" way to do this)...

I copied (as root user) /etc/asound.state to a new location (because
/etc/asound.state changes every time I change any alsamixer settings).
To make this easier to understand, let me created an actual scenerio...

I copied /etc/asound.state to /root/Sound/Alsamixer/MicAndLineRecord.state

Now when I want to active any of the settings, I issue the command...

alsactl -f /root/Sound/Alsamixer/MicAndLineRecord.state restore

I used to have a bunch of these ".state" files with differnt
configurations laying around. But now I have one that serves all purposes.

If you want to know how to join the Linux Audio User's mailing list let
me know and I will find that link to join. There's ton's of these kinds
of things being worked out all the time.

Hope that helped...

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