feature request, or maybe i'm too stupid

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Subject: feature request, or maybe i'm too stupid
From: The Eye (michael.hellwig_AT_uibk.ac.at)
Date: Mon Dec 29 2003 - 19:56:19 EET

ecasound has again proved its high reliability and great value when,
yesterday, I recorded a best of the year DJ rundown on a local radio
station that lasted for about 7.5 hours.


since I don't know of any graphical audio-editing software that is
largefile-enabled (i.e. would allow me to cut that 4.5 gigabyte
audiofile into pieces), I am having to cut it with ecasound, which is a
little cumbersome but works (it is cumbersome, because when being
presented with a plot of the waveform, e.g. bcast2000 style, I can
see at a glance the transitions between speech and music, thereby
defining where my cut-points will be, whereas with ecasound, I have to
blindly search around for these points).

But anyway, it kindof works. What I use for cutting is something like
ecasound -t:sometime -i:originalfile.raw -y:startpoint

so .. since I have to do a lot of these from one big file, it would
really save a lot of my time if there was not only the -y option to
specify the starting point of operations, but also some switch that
specifies an ending point in absolute seconds from the beginning.
Because the -t of course requires another step after finding out the
starting and ending point, i.e. substracting the first from the second.
This is of course not a big task and no problem to do, but after the 5th
time it becomes kindof annoying ...

On a different note: does anyone know of a graphical sound-editing
program (I only need cutting and fades, really) that is
largefile-enabled? So far I tried bcast2000 and cinelerra, both don't
work. I tried audacity at some stage and it segfaulted for files bigger
than 1 GB, i.e. completely useless for me ...

Michael Hellwig  aka  The Eye                 olymp.idle.at admin
check out http://homepage.uibk.ac.at/~csaa5128 for gpg public key
        and don't hesitate to look at http://laerm.or.at

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