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Subject: Re: [ecasound] sync
From: Aaron Trumm (
Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 02:05:16 EET

just for everybody's edification

word clock and time code sync such as MIDI Time Code, SMPTE, etc. are two
very different and distinct things

Word clock sync is the side that I don't understand enough to REALLY
explain, but it deals with sample rates - syncing word clocks rate between
two machines will help eliminate noise and jitter and such things - it can
be very neccessary, and at times can make no difference

TIME CODE, however, is the crucial aspect of making two machines (or two
software packages, or a package and a machine) playback at the same time at
the same speed, so that when machine 1 is at, say, 2 minutes, machine two is
at 2 minutes as well - and of course, they both hit 2 minutes 15 seconds 23
frames at the exact same time, and so on. my little analogy I like to use
is, without time code sync, it's like taking 2 members of a band,
blindfolding them and putting them in ear muffs so that can't hear
eachother, and then telling them to start whenever they want, hoping that
they start at the same time, and then since they can't hear eachother,
hoping that they play at the same speed. :)

so, having a word clock connection on your sound card won't help you sync
time code, and having a smpte connection, for example, won't help you sync
word clock

I've noticed that quite a few linux audio junkies are collapsing these two
issues. two totally different issues.

and not to be confusing ;) but there is also a big difference between MIDI
Clock and MIDI Time Code (clock is a tempo-based method of syncing sequencer
type devices - one machine, perhaps a drum machine, will play its beat at
120bpm for example, telling the other machine to play its beats at 120bpm -
of course audio has no such information) - MIDI Time Code is the actual
solid sync method, that sends SMPTE time code over the MIDI stream, and thus
can sync MIDI devices that understand it with other "non musical" devices
(like a hard drive recorder)...

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> Hi!
> Ecasound doesn't use MTC (MIDI time code) and I don't know about
> else. But perhaps, if your soundcard has a wordclock, that might do some
> I haven't worked with it, so it's just an idea.
> Kindest regards
> Julien
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