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Subject: US STOCK MARKET - NMMG - After Hours NEWS...amadeus
From: Chris Smith (
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 02:39:10 EET

US Stock Market - Stock Profile of the Week

Symbol: NMMG
Market: OTC.BB

Before we begin our profile we have very exciting after-market news...

Monday December 15, 4:58 pm ET - New Millennium Media Engages Leading Product Commercialization Consulting Firm

BREAKING NEWS - CLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2003--New Millennium Media International Inc., (OTCBB: NMMG) announced today that they have engaged Global Works Consulting to assist with the product commercialization of their next generation light emitting diode (LED) video displays utilizing their proprietary OnScreen (TM) technology.

With Dr. Shalom Flank as its Principal, Global Works has been working with local and national clients to commercialize leading-edge technology since 1999. Dr. Flank is an Associate with Haft, Harrison, and Wolfson, Inc., and also operates as a Principal of iPrime Group, a consortium of senior professional consultants.

According to Steve Velte, NMMG's Director of Research & Development: "Dr. Flank has been working with technology for over 15 years as it goes from abstract innovation to successful implementation. He has been a strategy advisor to start-ups, universities, defense contractors, and investment funds, including AnswerLogic, DevelopmentSpace, GlobalWisdom, the University of Maryland, the Information Sciences Institute, Veridian Systems, and the Washington Square Capital Fund. His experience covers software applications and algorithms, including knowledge management, enterprise portals, bioinformatics, natural language processing, e-learning, and on-line travel. He has also worked with user interfaces and human factors, networked sensors, renewable energy, and defense technology. His unique expertise lies at the intersection of business and technology - understanding the potential, the pitfalls, and the path for creating utility and profit out of new technology."

Before immersing himself in the entrepreneurial community in Washington, Dr. Flank directly managed over $60M of investment in advanced information technology projects as a Program Manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Dr. Flank has also been visiting scientist at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, has served on the staff of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford University, and the U.S. House of Representatives, and has had appointments at Harvard and MIT. Dr. Flank earned a Ph.D. in a multi-disciplinary program at MIT, along with a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering, and received a B.A. in Physics from Cornell University.


New Millennium Media International (OTCBB: NMMG) specializes in cutting-edge motion display advertising solutions. Their unique Advertising Display Boards and LED Digital Displays offer up a dynamic and cost efficient way to effectively market products and promote brand awareness.

NMMG holds the exclusive United States and Canadian distribution rights to the patented, "IllumiSign EyeCatcher™" Advertising Display Board. IllumiSign EyeCatcher™, the exclusive marketing company for this product, has launched an aggressive national marketing campaign, targeted not only at advertisers, but business opportunity seekers as well. This advertising medium presents excellent benefits to advertisers and lucrative business opportunities to franchisees and corporate sponsors, alike. IllumiSign EyeCatcher™ has an inventive, profit sharing program in place called "Partners In Profit" (PIP), which is structured to provide revenue incentives for larger national corporations and venues to tap deeper into their market share by allowing placement of the board in their high traffic and Point of Sales areas. This program has the potential to generate millions of dollars in additional annual revenue for qualifying corporate sponsors, while providing the means for greater public exposure to the IllumiSign
EyeCatcher™ Advertising Boards.

NMMG has partnered with E-Vision LED, Inc., a US based company whose affiliates manufacture their state-of-the-art LED displays. This high technology media is the only truly effective way, television aside, for advertisers to display their products in true form. Their LED displays can operate any commercial format on any size board. This gives them a strong competitive advantage with regard to flexibility and ease of control, since the images are programmed and controlled right from their central office.


The OnScreen™ LED Display Architecture is a radical new type of Bright LED video display architecture that is expected to provide key design improvements in cost, weight and brightness of LED displays for such applications as billboards, large outdoor venue video screens and outdoor video advertising. Worldwide, the outdoor advertising market is approximately 19 billion dollars, with the US representing 5.2 billion in 2001, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). An increasing percentage of these expenditures are utilizing the technologies of motion display advertising- such as the OnScreen™ display technology.

OnScreen™ is expected to create a broad-range of products with much better resolution and brighter pictures than the current generation of displays. OnScreen™ will be visible in direct sunlight yet avoid many of the issues associated with current displays including sun-loading, wind-loading and excessive weight. In addition, the new LED architecture produces an advantage that is not available in today's marketplace: a more lightweight, pliable display that can fit any application.

These are important advantages as the High Brightness LED market is expected to grow from 1.2 billion dollars in 2000 to 4 billion in 2006. In addition, according to Stanford Resources, the LED sign market value alone is expected to exceed 1 billion by 2006. These projections are made based on existing technology and do not take into account emerging technologies, such as OnScreen™, that can rapidly alter the size and shape of this market.


NMMG's initial marketing strategy revolves around licensing intellectual property (IP) to worldwide manufacturers of LED display products and components. The LED sign market is projected to reach over 1 billion dollars by 2006. Lumiled's projects that high brightness LED's, used in LED signs alone, will exceed 1.2 billion by 2007. If these projections hold, the fully manufactured signs would represent a $5 billion market. Whichever number is accurate, they both point towards a robust market for these new LED displays. Many projections don't take into account emerging high growth applications such as the Amber Alert project, Homeland Security and roadway “intelligent message transfer”.


An article in Media Post's Media Daily News in March of 2003 noted that the outdoor industry has successfully weathered the recession and that “our large members say they're having a great first quarter” in 2003. They go on to note that technology is expected to transform both the display and measurement of outdoor advertising. According to Media Daily the most exciting news is coming on the display side, where “Lamar Advertising is converting their key boards to LED units whose messages can be changed at will and sold in day-parts by the hour or even the minute.” They added that “Clear Channel's backlit subway panels in stairwells are being converted to LED as well”. Together these companies represent two of the three largest outdoor US advertisers.

Recent Federal Government legislation has also placed a spotlight on expanding the “Amber Alert” network nationwide. The highly publicized success in locating a number of kidnapped children shortly after their abduction in California has now triggered federal funding for U.S.-wide expansion of these variable-message signs. Homeland Security issues have also increased the number of early warning signs being planned and funded as part of an overall information sharing network. Traffic safety is also becoming a much higher priority in the U.S.. It is estimated that just over 60,000 roadway dynamic message signs are in operation in the United States. In Japan alone there are over 1.5 million of these signs. The United States represents a huge growth market for LED displays.


In addition to the outdoor television market, another interesting and exciting application for OnScreen™ arrays is artistic lighting in dramatic curved and shaped displays in places like Las Vegas, New York City or really virtually any venue. The tensile, flexible structure of OnScreen™ provides unlimited opportunity for creativity.

The anticipated cost reductions of OnScreen™ will also provide ample opportunity for growth of the large-scale LED display market itself. OnScreen™'s unique architecture opens the door for new applications such as curved implementations, billboards on the sides of buildings where tenants can still see out, and lower cost mobile applications on the sides of existing vehicles.

Homeland Security, Amber Alert variable message signage and instant message transfer applications can also benefit significantly from the advantages of OnScreen™. Reduced wind-loading and weight can significantly lower the cost of the superstructures required to support these signs and also reduce the cost to install and maintain them.

Please note that NMMG had absolutley nothing to do with this report and is not a participant in any way.

No more advertisements:

Stock Market Today is an independent research firm. This report is based on Stock Market Today's independent analysis but also relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report may not be the opinion of NMMG management. Stock Market Today has also been retained to research and issue reports on NMMG. Stock Market Today may from time to time purchase or sell NMMG common shares in the open market without notice. The information contained in this report shall not constitute, an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer to purchase any security. It is intended for information only. Some statements may contain so-called "forward-looking statements". Many factors could cause actual results to differ. Investors should consult with their Investment Advisor concerning NMMG. Copyright 2003 © Stock Market Today. All Rights Reserved. This newsletter was distributed by SCI. SCI was paid five thousand dollars to distribute this report. SCI is not affiiated with Stock Market Today and is not responsible for newsletter content. All information in this report can be obtained on the world wide web at New Millenimum Media was not a participant in this newsletter in any way.

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