Re: [ecasound] ecasound bug, bad chainsetup or stupid user?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound bug, bad chainsetup or stupid user?
From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki (
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 07:42:54 EET

I'm going to focus on the first issue now. I'll come back to the second
one tomorrow, if I have time, or perhaps the day after.

My chain setup has 3 outputs -- live jack_alsa, mono_out.wav &

I ran the previous version of guitar_mix.ecs that has no -ea:0
-kos:1,0,175,0.0[1234],0 effects. This version does not have the
ear splitting noise at the end. The output files also end normally.

tested guitar_mix.ecs w/ -ea:0 -kos:1,0,175,0.0[1234],0 on chains
streaming from files and -ea:150 on the live chains.

The loud sound at the end indeed occurred again as previously reported.
It is also present in the output files mono_out.wav and stereo_out.wav
starting at about 905s. (total length is 907s)

as you suggested I shut down jack and switched to alsa for i/o.
(This may be a separate irrelevant issue, but I cannot do
-o:alsa,ice1712. I do have ice1712 defined in my .asoundrc and jackd
will use -d alsa -d ice1712)
I modified guitar_mix.ecs to use alsa instead of jack:

#-a:5,10,15 -i:jack_alsa
-a:5,10,15 -f:16,1,44100 -i alsahw,0

#-a:1,2,3,4,5 -f:16,2,44100 -o jack_alsa
-a:1,2,3,4,5 -f:16,2,44100 -o alsahw,0,0

Another possibly unrelated issue ... with the .ecs set for alsahw i/o I
can't run it unless I use -c.
box1:/mnt/ramfs/guitar_mix# ecasound
ecasound: ERROR: [ECA-CHAINSETUP] : "Enabling chainsetup: AUDIOIO-ALSA:
Audio format not supported."

With -c it works. The loud sound is still at the end using alsa, both in
the monitor and the file outputs.

It's getting late. If you want me to try with no soundcard i/o and only
file i/o just say so and I'll do that test tomorrow.

Anything else I can do to help debug this?

ERic Rz.

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
> > I'm having some trouble with a chainsetup (guitar_mix.ecs -- see
> > attached).
> > Everything worked fine until I added amplify effects like this:
> > -ea:0 -kos:1,0,175,0.01,0
> [...]
> > modulated by a slow sine wave. But, when the session gets to the end
> > there is a second or two of very loud noise just before the processing
> > finishes. The meters in envy24control go all the way up and stay there
> [...]
> [...]
> > I run ecasound and jackd as root with jack started like so:
> > jackd -R -v -d alsa -d ice1712 -r 44100 -p 256
> Try running without JACK, and use ALSA directly. If you get the same
> error, try replacing ALSA with a file object (render to a wav-file). If
> the nosie is still present in the file, then the problem is in the
> Ecasound engine, otherwise in the JACK/ALSA/... (Ecasound) output plugins.
> > 2)
> > I typed "start" and everything started playing. Then I wanted to jump to
> > just before the end when the noise occurs, but accidentally went too far
> > with "fw 2800" (the chainsettup is limited to 907s). My machine locked
> > up -- no mouse, no keyboard, couldn't switch desktops, couldn't switch
> > out of X -- for 1-2 minutes. I was then kicked out of X to a console
> Hmm, I guess the same test (with ALSA and with rendering to file) would
> again help to pinpoint the problem cause.
> With JACK, a transport change will not only affect Ecasound, but all
> transport aware components in the running JACK system.
> > I was able to repeat this lockup. The 2nd time things went as they did
> > the first time. But, when I logged in after getting kicked out of X I
> > was unable to get a gdb session going. They kept getting killed with Out
> > of Memory messages. Eventually I had to reboot because my bash sessions
> > and even my getty's and logins were getting killed with Out of Memory
> > messages.
> Also, try running without root privileges (or the "-R" option to jackd).
> You might need to increase jackd timeout to keep the JACK system running
> with these settings, but this helps a lot with debugging (system wont
> freeze totally if errors happen... unless there's a bug in kernel
> drivers).
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