Re: [ecasound] Fade in and fade out

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Fade in and fade out
From: Julian Dobson (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 20:10:22 EET


I couldn't have said it better myself...

The reason for wanting this is for a internet-radio app - I do have a
database of all the available mp3s, with lengths - but I've noticed that
the lengths are un-reliable (I think a VBR problem as well - it's on my
list to research).

In the app I actually use Madplay for mp3 playback (better that the
default mpg123 used in ecasound) and that it supposed to have a fadeout
option, but it's not yet implemented.

My guess is that fade-out is a lot more difficult to do than fade-in or
fade-out after x secs. I've got the Madplay source as was thinking of
implementing the function for them (along the lines of buffering y secs
of output, where y is the fade-out length, and when the buffer starts to
empty start fading). I was kind of hoping that I didn't need to write
this code though, and that there was a way of doing it in ecasound now.


The Eye wrote:
> Aaron Trumm wrote:
>>>There are examples of fading out after x seconds, but I need to fade out
>>>at the end of the file that's being processed. I realize that part of
>>>the problem is knowing when to start fading out, as you don't
>>>necessarily know the length of the file (to add to this, I'm playing
>>>mp3s, some of which are VBR).
>>can't you just take a stop watch and listen to the song, stop the watch at
>>the point you'd start fading, look at the time, and tell it to fade after
>>that many seconds? or am I missing something?
> not automated and therefore not scriptable .. i.e. not possible to say
> "do fadeout on these 500 wav-files, always the last 5 seconds containing
> sound, exponential curve with following shape" .. that'd be cool

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