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Subject: Re: [ecasound] midi
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 03:45:17 EEST

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Nolan J. Darilek wrote:

> I'm confused about ecasound's midi support, though, and what I can do
> with it. I'm currently attempting to record "real" guitars and vocals
> while using an external midi sequencer for drums, bass and
> I'm guessing that -Mss is what I'd need? If so, how do I use it? If I
> simply type -Mss, and if my sequencer is set to receive and act upon
> that, will it begin playing? Or do I need to actually start ecasound
> first? Is it somehow possible to synchronize the midi start with
> the start of the chainsetup?

Depends on the sequencer. Ecasound has partial support for both MMC (MIDI
Machine Control, -Mms) start/stop and MIDI clock start/stop (-Mss). The
support is partial because I have not been able to test them very much
(and have not received any positive/negative test results from others). I
have a RM1x (a hw-sequencer from Yamaha) and it does react to MMC
start/stop sent by Ecasound. I've never managed to slave my Dr660 drum
machine to Ecasound.

I have not been able to test the MIDI clock start/stop at all. One known
problem is that Ecasound does not send the MIDI clocks and many
devices require these for correct slave mode operation.

One thing to note that Ecasound does not support MTC (Midi Time Code).

> does that mean /dev/snd/midiC0D0 is the right device for 64:0?

Yes. For MIDI I/O, Ecasound interfaces with the ALSA rawmidi subsystem. I
haven't used the ALSA sequencer much, but I've understood that you can
access the rawmidi ports from the sequencer system just like any other
MIDI ports.

Btw; a completely different approach to is use the JACK transport
     mechanism. Once transport support is added to some existing
     Linux MIDI sequencer sw (Rosegarden or Muse for example), you can
     use the sequencer to interact with other MIDI apps and devices,
     and sync the sequencer and Ecasound with JACK transport. But, but, so
     far developments in this area have been rather slow.

 Audio software for Linux!

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