Music-specific features

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Subject: Music-specific features
From: Nolan J. Darilek (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 09:04:32 EEST

Trying to get back into recording music . . .

Anyhow, I really like ecasound's console interface. I'm very tempted
to scratch OS X in favor of Linux on my powerbook just so I can use
it+ecasound as a portable sampler. I'm encountering some issues,
though, and I'm wondering how others have dealt with them.

Ecasound works well in a strictly time-based setting, but I struggle
when making music. Specifically, I pick a tempo, and from that point
on I think strictly in measures. With ecasound I'm stuck converting
measures to absolute times, and my mind can't handle math and music
simultaneously, even on a simplistic scale. :) I also find myself
wanting to punch in and out to fix mistakes. Sure, I could copy
everything before the mistake, concatenate the new section, then copy
everything after, but again. Music=matter, math=antimatter. ;)

So, I'm curious. I realize that other applications could implement
things like this . . . but I'm wondering if there are any plans to
implement more music-oriented features into ecasound's libraries,
possibly tying them in at the iam level? It would be great to
fastforward/rewind over specific measures, fractions of measures,
etc. I know that the idea of making ecasound into a midi sequencer of
sorts was tossed around in the past (or, mentioned in a message or two
at least.) How difficult might it be to implement something like tse3
into ecasound? Perhaps the integration could be gentle, starting with
tse3's song structure, and progressing upward? I'd offer to help, but
my C++ knowledge is horribly out of date, and I'm more of a
scripter/musician than a coder these days. :)

I know that quite a few of you use ecasound for music. How do you
handle converting measures to times? Keep a calculator handy and
crunch numbers? Also, what about punching in and out, or do you just
do without?

Note: I'm specifically looking for a console-based, preferrably
command-line-oriented, solution to the above, which is why I really
like what ecasound has to offer.

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