Re: [ecasound] Toruble with audio recording

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Toruble with audio recording
From: Captain Boiler (
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 16:45:45 EEST

Hi Uwe,

how lucky you are, now you have to deal with configure problems right from the

The drivers are those ominous 'modules' which are loaded into the kernel
either automatically or with the insmod command.

sometimes they accept options for configuring internal parameters, the modinfo
command shows you a list of what you can change on load time. (you have to
be root to do all this).

$> modinfo maestro

filename: /lib/modules/2.4.19-4GB/kernel/drivers/sound/maestro.o
description: "ESS Maestro Driver"
author: "Zach Brown <>, Alan Cox <>"
license: "GPL"
parm: debug int
parm: dsps_order int
parm: use_pm int
parm: clocking int

then one can load the driver with, e.g.

$>insmod maestro clocking=50000

to hand over a different parameter setting.
(if its already loaded, unload it first with rmmod)
The dma mode is sometimes needed to be specified on loading, too, but---

your ESS Solo seems to accept no parameters:

$>modinfo esssolo1
filename: /lib/modules/2.4.19-4GB/kernel/drivers/sound/esssolo1.o
description: "ESS Solo1 Driver"
author: "Thomas M. Sailer,,"
license: "GPL"

so there's (at least not an easy way) to changes things for your system.
Hmmmm. F... it. Probably there's some other guru out there who knows more.
Or contact the driver authors directly.
Are you shure that the esssolo1 module is the correct driver for your card?

And last but not least:

To use ALSA or OSS ??? this seems to be a question of faith, like if you're
fan of Bayern Muenchen or Hamburg St.Pauli .. :)
Currently, I use both systems on different machines. I've once peeped into the
ALSA code, it seems to be incredibly blown up, OSS looks more straightforward,
with perhaps less abstraction levels.
Anyway, you might as well try to check out if ALSA has better support for your
card, you can look at, they have a long list of specific
info about support for each soundcard.


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