playback breaks ..

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Subject: playback breaks ..
From: The Eye (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 16:56:18 EEST

running cvs of yesterday and alsa-driver-0.9.1 (now unpatched) ..

what happened is as follows: a few weeks ago, an important recording
broke for me after I updated alsa. This was reported here under the
subject "important recording broke. why?" ... after this, I received a
patch from Takashi Iwai (alsa-team, I guess), which apparently cleared
up the problem.

Afterwards, Kai worked a patch into ecasound-cvs that addressed the same

A few days ago I was dicking around with vmware (had sound turned off
for the virtual machine though!) and at one time, when I switched
between normal and full-screen-mode, the playback from an
ecasound-process suddenly stopped. I thought that maybe the patch had
only addressed a recording issue and that there was the same problem
with playback, so I installed a clean alsa-driver and got ecasound-cvs
instead (version of 2003-04-09).

Today I'm listening to a rather large file ('bout 2.5 Gigs on an ext3
partition, raw-PCM at s16_le,2,44100) and witness quite a lot of these
playback-stoppages. This is annoying!

I am running ecasound like so:
ecasound -c -i:somefile.raw -o:alsa,default

(and then t and fw and setpos and s and t and so on)

Now this file is of course running for a long time, given its size, so I
do other stuff in the meantime, such as writing/reading mail and news
and checking out web-pages. Which means I switch desktops a lot (kde
3.0.2). Now 5 times in 20 Minutes, ecasound has stopped when I switched
desktops (and no, arts is not running, nor do I have sounds configured
in kde).

the message always looks like the following:

(audioio-alsa) Write error! Stopping operation (-5).

ecasound ('h' for help)>

if I then hit 't' in order to continue, I get the following:
ecasound ('h' for help)> t
- [ Controller/Processing started ] ----------------------------------------
Warning: DBC_REQUIRE failed - "is_running() != true", eca-engine.cpp, 596.
Segmentation fault

this seems to be another error message than the one I reported before ..
is this a trivial fix or will it require a lot of work?

(hardware, dunno if relevant: TerraTec EWX 24/96 on an Epox Board with
Via KT266 chipset ..)

Michael Hellwig  aka  The Eye        admin
check out for gpg public key
        and don't hesitate to look at

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