Re: [ecasound] Tutorials and Articles page online

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Tutorials and Articles page online
From: smoerk (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 11:12:34 EET

Hello Kai,

I didn't complain about documentation before, because it's quite good
for an oss project, but i do it now and try to argument from a user's
point of view :-). i think there are too many different documents with
similar content, which means the user have too many choices where to
start. the addition of the Tutorial link makes it even worse. i think it
would be a good idea to merge Examples, Troubleshooting, the User's
guide and the Man page to one document. this would be a lot of work and
can only be done, if somebody has the time for this (i doubt i have),
but it should be the goal to have one User's Manual, which could be
printed and includes everything I have to know as a user.

btw, the "Ecasound Tutorial (de)" is mostly in english (seems copy and
pasted from ecasound documentation).


Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Inspired by Dave Phillips' great talk at linuxmeet03 about the importance
> of having both introductory and reference documentation available, I've
> reorganized ecasound documentation a bit.
> We had previously already been planning about putting a new page online
> that would have links to offsite ecasound documentation and other
> resources (headed by Janne's Ecasound Effects FAQ idea). I've now created
> this page and it is online at:
> -> frontpage link, or directly...
> I didn't have time to link all currently available material on the page
> yet, but the current selection should help to understand the basic idea
> of the page.
> Now the next step is to get more material on the page. If you want to
> contribute, take some task you do often with ecasound and write a short
> text about it. You can either put the doc to your own website and I'll
> link to it, or send the material to me via mail (raw text, html, pdf).
> Also texts written in other languages than English are welcome!
> Let's see how this develops.

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