Re: [ecasound] now I'm confused .. ecasound does record but not play

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] now I'm confused .. ecasound does record but not play
From: The Eye (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 15:48:35 EET

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Ok, that helps as I've noted (possibly) the same problem with the ice1712.

OK ...

> > well I compiled with --disable-oss .. but I'll try with that ..
> > alsahw,0,0 has never worked, with that I always get an error like:
> > eye_AT_lormoral blumenau $ ecasound -i:testamp.raw -o:alsahw,0,0
> When using the hw-devices, you have to convert to audio data into a format
> supported directly by the hardware. In the case of ice1712 this means:
> ecasound -i foo.wav -f:32,10,44100 -o alsahw,0,0
> And for recording:
> ecasound -f:32,12,44100 -i alsahw,0,0 -o foo.wav
> In other words, ice1712 chipset requires exactly 10ch for playback and
> 12ch for recording, even with cards that don't have that many physical
> jacks.

weee, that works! great! .. learn something new every day *grin* ..
strange thing is: with .asoundrc magic I can talk to every single one of
the 10 channels I see in envy24control individually (like e.g. channels
9 and 10, wich are the digital in/out on my card)... but when using the
above method (i.e. 10 channels to alsahw,0,0), only the meters for PCM
Out1 and 2 light up *scratches head* .. well anyway, it works for the
time being, which means I can work on that 2.5 Gig raw file I recorded
yesterday ..

> In any case, this problem is hopefully fixed in 2.2.2 and playback
> should work even without the alsahw trick. You can try the pre-version:

yep, I'll give that a try tonite .. (downloading is cheaper after 18:00
.. modem connection over here *grin*)

> >> That means ecanormalize was unable to create the temporary directory in
> >> /tmp for processing. Try "USER=myaccount ecanormalize foo.wav", where
> >> myaccount is the username you are logged in with. Or if that doesn't work,
> >> try a different tmpdir: "TMPDIR=/home/myaccount/tmp ecanormalize foo.wav".
> > ah, works with the USER-thingy ... thanks!
> Great! Btw; what linux distro are you using? It seems odd that you don't
> have the USER envvar defined by default...

got a gentoo, but quite an old one, from somewhen during summer .. since
I don't have a DSL or Cable-TV line here I never had the chance to do an
update ... probably gonna do that soon, though .. some of the software
is getting dated ..*grin* ..

> > I guess I need space as big as the file I'm processing in /tmp for
> > ecanormalize to be able to do its work, right?
> Yes, as not all formats support in-place processing (mp3s, oggs, etc)
> ecanormalize writes the normalized audio data into a temp file and upon
> completion replaces the original file with the temp file.

ah, OK .. gotta do some thinking about where I want the tmp-dir then
(various partitions with different amounts of free space).

> > np: Nightwish - End of All Hope
> Hey, they're Finnish! :)
hehe yep, and one of my favourite bands .. Suomi seems to produce quite
a number of great Metal-Bands (and the Leningrad Cowboys of course ..)
.. and Rallye Drivers *grin* .. though neither Grönholm nor Mäkkinen did
great in Turkey, did they? .. uh .. getting off topic I guess ...

Michael Hellwig  aka  The Eye        admin
check out for gpg public key
        and don't hesitate to look at

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