Re: [ecasound] Open Studio HOWTO?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Open Studio HOWTO?
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 18:38:16 EET

Hi, felipe: Instead of a standard, how about a really, really, low cost
starting point in a quiet room, and a second tier with the focus on
hardware options to choose from?

Open Studios will flesh out the specs for the really, really, low cost
starting point in a quiet room, and if there are some on the ecasound
list that want to flesh out a second tier setup, we can call it the
ecasound system recommendation, or whatever the developers want it to be

We're gathering materials for presentations about the Public Domain and
Copyright issues, and community-based recording studios for talks around
town, and being able to hand out specs for the ecasound system
recommendation would really be neat.

If you're ready to translate, we're ready for you to help. I'll send
you a private email, and we can discuss how best to proceed. Thanks
much for the offer. I think that's exciting. Even better, we can try
to coordinate so that ecasound can get their documentation translated,
first? Not sure what the situation is for ecasound.
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV

felipe wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all: thank you Kai for ecasound! So long I've only used it as a
> realtime effects processor for my guitar and some multitrack experimenting,
> and it's really interesting.
> Next: I'm very interested on this Open Studios idea :) In a few months I'm
> starting to build what will be my house. I play guitar and, no need to say,
> one of the first things I'll want is a private recording studio for me and my
> band.
> At first I was thinking about using ecasound just to do the final step ie.
> recording, so letting an external mixer doing the mixing part. But I've
> recently discovered ardour and... I'm getting a bit confused about what I
> really need to have the highest quality/lowest cost and, if possible, to
> adhere to an Open Studios "standard" (when there will be one).
> So what I ask you Kai, Justin, Michael, Tom Poe and all you open-sound fans is
> something like an "OpenStudio HOWTO", that would provide a basic framework
> with the best solutions for setting up a (network oriented?) home recording
> studio, covering both hardware and software issues.
> I could help translating it into Italian and Spanish, or if none is willing
> to, I could start writing the basis and then we could fill it up together,
> but I'd like to hear what do you all think first.
> Maybe the next step could be some openhardware projects? =)
> Greetings from good old Sicily!
> felipe
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