Future request for ecasound . . . maybe???

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Subject: Future request for ecasound . . . maybe???
From: Justin Rosander (JustinRosander_AT_msn.com)
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 10:08:17 EET

Looking forward to the new release!! I'm really impressed with all that you
have done so far. And all you folks who have helped, you should give
yourselves a pat on the back. This kind of software helps end-users like me
jump away from the myriad of Windows hard disk recording software that is
out there. All that is so limited, and considering the instability of
Windows, it makes me shudder to think of a day when I'm in the middle of
cutting the "perfect" track, and . . . :O no Windows.

Anyways, to my request . . .

I understand many of the effects on ecasound can't really be used in a full
duplex situation--i.e.- ecasound -r -b:256 -i:/dev/dsp -o:/dev/dsp
As a guitarist, the effects that are designed in ecasound are very
attractive. I can see the usefulness it would have for me. Also, as the
worship leader at my church, I notice a need for a little reverberation in
the mix to give it a more lively sound (as opposed to dead. We need life in
our churches . . . ok, I'm off my soapbox). It would be great to run this
through the effects loop of the soundboard.

Now is there a reason why ecasound currently doesn't like to apply effects
in full duplex mode? If this can be changed, that would be great! If not,
then that's fine. I'll still use this great software for my recording
purposes. I'm just proposing an idea to further expand ecasound's

Those are my thoughts, and that is my request.
ps-BTW, I recently picked up a Sure KSM27 mic . . . NICE!!! a little
stalled on what to do with a particular song for the CD, but I think I need
to keep things simple instead of trying to be complex.

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