For standardization sake . . . and other miscellany

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Subject: For standardization sake . . . and other miscellany
From: Justin Rosander (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 11:10:06 EET

Hey all,
Sorry I've been out of the discussion for a while. I've been trying to get a different job this past month and it fell through. :P
Anyways, I got a chance to test out ecasound 2.2.0pre5, and I really couldn't get any effects to work at all. BTW, I did figure out why some effects weren't working in 2.0.4 . . . I didn't have LADSPA installed, and everything worked beautifully, especially when using a file to test the effects, and not using full-duplex operation. Although, I DID get a segmentation fault using the 'hermes' preset name.

So, I thought that maybe I should find out what you guys are using in your box as far as different drivers and software are concerned, and maybe I will be getting similar results as y'all. This is what I got:

Alsa 0.9.0rc2
aRTs 1.0.2 (the one that releases with KDE 3)
JACK 0.34.0 (I would really like to know how people are using this for multitrack recording)
LADSPA_SDK ??? whatever version is out right now
ecasound 2.0.4 and 2.2.0pre5 (I move these files accordingly to /opt/ecasound when in use; or to ecasound2.*.* when not in use, respectively-- just to let you know before anyone gasps)

If y'all think I should bump the Alsa driver up, or anything else, let me know.

perhaps jackd needs to be running in pre5? I really am not certain about whether or not I will need jack if all I'm using is ecasound for recording. If I properly understand how jack works, it is a server to aid in the integration with different "jacked-up" software? So if I'm not using other software (at least at this time . . . I'm just laying down tracks right now and haven't found the need for other software), then jackd doesn't necessarily need to be running? If that is the case, then I therefore don't need it? If I'm wrong with this, let me know. It's just that I don't exactly know how jack works with ecasound.

Well, I'm back, and hopefully my testing is helpful to you developers! I'll let y'all know if I see something else as I go.

Justin Rosander
p.s.-- I am really interested in finding out what kind of recording gear people are using, what kind of setup you have, soundcards, etc.
p.p.s.-- I aquired an old Pentium Pro dual processor server, 100 mHz on each chip, 5 2GB SCSI drives, and about 32MB memory (I think). Does anyone have any recommendations on how I could implement using it in regards to HD recording, aside from using it as a doorstop when I bring equipment into the studio? I am not familiar with these as far as how they perform in this sort of application. Maybe linking my studio box to the server on a network and using it for archival purposes? Do you think it would be too slow to record with the studio box, storing the raw data onto the server instead of the native HD? Or do you think it would be just better to pawn the thing off and just get a second HD?
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