development release: 2.2.0-pre5

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Subject: development release: 2.2.0-pre5
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 06:07:26 EET

And here's yet another pre-release. Notable changes include
the latest ecasound.el, updated rpm spec-file, NetECI and
ecamonitor improvements, removal of asm/atomic.h dependency
and numerous bug fixes.

CVS-tag: v2_2_0_pre5

Btw; if you haven't done so already, do check out PlanetCCRMA at
     They already have binaries for 2.2.0-pre4, in
     addition to numerous other interestin audio packages
     (low-latency patched kernel, JACK&ALSA apps, etc).

07112002 (v2.2.0-pre5)
        - edi-entries: edi-29 closed
        - added: ecasound emacs interface, ecasound.el, is now
                    distributed with ecasound (ecatools/ecasound.el);
                 ecasound.el is installed to ecasound's data
                 directory (default /usr/local/share/ecasound)
        - added: libkvutils_tester, unit tester for libkvutils
        - added: ecamonitor - 'q' to quit
        - added: --nodaemon and --daemon-port=XXX ecasound options
        - added: documentation about the daemon functionality
                 to ecasound(1)
        - added: ecamonitor.1 man page
        - added: NetECI documentation to programmer's guide
        - changed: rpm spec file unified with the spec file used
                   to build PlanetCCRMA's ecasound packages
        - changed: pyecasound license from GPL to LGPL
        - changed: the C++ ECI implementation, the
                   ECA_CONTROL_INTERFACE class, moved from libecasound
                   to libecasoundc; now also under LGPL
        - changed: asm/atomic.h kernel header no longer used
        - changed: ecaplay - improved ctrl-c handling
        - fixed: cleanup of curses/ncurses detection in;
                 this also fixes ecasound compilation on mandrake9.x
        - fixed: controller source positions were not always updated
                 when global chainsetup position was changed
        - fixed: controllers weren't properly initialized before use;
                 this bug caused real harm only to -klg objects;
                 only the first defined -klg worked as expected
        - fixed: increased the max message size in ECI-standalone;
                 ecasetupedit-0.2.3 caused the parsing buffers to

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