[ecasound] development release: 2.2.0-pre4

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 2.2.0-pre4
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 04:12:22 EET

Feature-wise we are now ready for 2.2.0. Now we just need to get
everything stable enough for a real release. Let me know how
this release works for you!

Source: http://ecasound.seul.org/download/ecasound-2.2.0-pre4.tar.gz
CVS-tag: v2_2_0_pre4

31102002 (v2.2.0-pre4)
        - edi-entries: edi-27, edi-28, edi-29, edi-30
        - added: eiam - commands 'map-cop-list', 'map-ctrl-list',
                 'map-ladspa-list' and 'map-preset-list'; see
                 ecasound-iam(1) man page for details
        - added: eiam - 'ao-add-default' command
        - added: ecicpp_tester, a unit test program for C++ ECI
        - changed: libecasoundc now LGPL licensed
        - changed: edi-30 done; ecaplay, ecaconvert, ecafixdc and
                    ecanormalize rewritten using the new standalone
                    ECI api
        - changed: reimplemented the C++ ECI interface on top of
                   the new standalone C ECI interface
        - changed: implementation level improvements to db, ewf,
                   resample, reverse and typeselect audio object
        - changed: edi-28 done; ECI standalone now the only ECI
        - changed: ecasound now uses the new JACK (0.40.0 and newer)
                   ALSA PCM port names (alsa_pcm:capture_X and
        - changed: number of channels must be given as the first
                   parameter to -ezx; this was needed to implement
                   true multichannel support
        - changed: syntax used for JACK inputs/outputs, see
                   ecasound(1) and ecasound user's guide for
        - changed: ecasound JACK transport master mode now follows
                   the new pending-timebase model
        - changed: edi-27 done; the NetECI protocol replaced with the
                   ECI standalone protocol defined in ecasound
                   programmer's guide
        - changed: edi-29; major updates to ecamonitor; moved back
                   to ecasound/ecamonitor
        - fixed: libecasoundc return value sync problem; return
                 value for command wasn't returned until command n+1
                 was issued
        - fixed: -etc, -etl and -etp crashes if delay parameter
                 was set to zero
        - fixed: -ezf didn't report the correct dcfic for the
                 first channel
        - fixed: LADSPA param descriptions were incorrectly
        - fixed: ecasound ended up in a cpu-intensive loop if
                 the standard input suddenly disappeared in
                 the -D output mode; this happened every now
                 and then with ECI apps
        - fixed: eiam - missing newlines in output of 'cop-status'
                 and 'ctrl-status'

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