Re: [ecasound] "-ev" vs. ecasignalview

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] "-ev" vs. ecasignalview
From: Adam Linson (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 15:31:47 EEST

hi, thanks for the speedy reply. since your answer, i've installed
2.2.0-pre3 and gave your scenario a try. of course, i realize it's a new
feature, so i'm not complaining(!), just asking, in case i'm doing
something wrong. basically, the "-evp" worked perfectly, exactly as
you've described it below, but with "-ev" i get (on RedHat 7.2):

Exception! [mv]waddstr() returned ERR
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/ecamonitor", line 116, in ?
  File "/usr/local/bin/ecamonitor", line 110, in main
    raise e
curses.error: [mv]waddstr() returned ERR

on a related note, are there any plans for frequency-measurement tools
in the same vein as the amplitude measurement ones (like ev/evp)? if
not, then how may i suggest this? it could be useful, for example, in
manipulating extreme hi's and low's (to save listeners or equipment!).

and on an unrelated note, i am writing some code for event-based
"triggers", since it is my understanding that there is nothing like this
built into ecasound. please correct me if i am wrong about this.

as for a guess to what eca stands for, all i could come up with before i
asked was either "Ephedrine-Caffeine-Aspirin" (sounds like a potential
programming recipe), "Electronics Corporation of America" (they did make
tube radios), or "Evangelical Christian Association" (highly unlikely).


On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 10:51, Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On 24 Oct 2002, Adam Linson wrote:
> > is it possible to have the "-ev" flag somehow spit out the analysis
> > stats during continual processing, rather than only when read/write is
> > completed? it wouldn't have to be "real" real-time, but say, once per
> > second or so. the problem is, i only have one sound card and cannot use
> > ecasignalview with ecasound simultaneously accessing /dev/dsp. (if it
> > isn't "standard", any tips on a hack would be much appreciated.)
> This is just the use-case I want to solve with the NetECI + ecamonitor
> [1,2].
> Basicly, you start ecasound with 'ecasound -c --daemon', and then in a
> separate terminal start 'ecamonitor' (comes with the latest 2.2.0-preX
> releases). Ecamonitor is able to show current positions of audio objects,
> effect parameter values, etc, all in real-time.
> If you add an '-ev' or '-evp' (monitor peak volumes, suits better for
> ecamonitor) to your ecasound setup, you can see see the current signal
> levels using ecamonitor.
> > also, i noticed in the archive a one-time suggestion to control the
> > number of loops when using "-tl" or .ewf's, but couldn't tell if this
> > had ever been acknowledged as a development goal. any word on this
> > feature?
> Yes, this is covered by edi-7. Unfortunately not much has happened in
> recent times. What I'd really like to do is to clean up all ewf-code, see
> edi-20 [4]. This also means that improvements to current ewf code are on a
> low-priority, at least for now.
> > and lastly, just out of curiosity, what does "eca" stand for anyways?
> I don't actually remember. :) I do remember that it stands for something,
> but what... ugh, any good guesses? :)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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