Re: [ecasound] Effects problems and feedback

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Effects problems and feedback
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 11:09:07 EEST

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Justin Rosander wrote:

> I'm using v.2.2.0-pre3 of ecasound, and tried the following effects
> using my guitar through the line input of my soundcard:

Huge thanks for testing! It's great to know that someone has gone through
most of the effects with the latest version. This means that I haven't
broken at least too many chainops during 2.1devX work. ;)

Btw; if you like effects, you should really check out LASDPA plugins.
     There haven't been many new effects added to ecasound recently,
     as I've been concentrating on maintaining good LADSPA.
     For instance, check,
     ... on my own machine, I have 125 LASDPA plugins, 40 native
     ecasound effects and 55 effect presets. That's quite a nice
     collection of DSP code. ;)
> -ei:98 I found that this was the lowest percentage I could give ecasound
> without the output sounding horrible. I found that there is a popping
> sound that occurs after the pitch shift "loop" (for lack of a better
> term) finishes. It's a nice effect, but if the "popping" can be
> removed, it would be nicer. Maybe add a little compression? Do you
> think that might work? I'll double check and make sure that my
> "capture" channel on 'alsamixer' is down low. It may be a gain problem.

Hmm, -ei:x is a bit special case as it doesn't work with all real-time
output types. Have you tried outputting to a file and then listening it
later... "ecasound -ei:75 -i foo.wav -o bar.wav", and then, "ecasound -i
bar.wav -o alsa,default"?

> -efa Perhaps I'm not using the right syntax for this one. I tried
> several settings, but didn't notice any audible results. Does this
> work?

This is an allpass filter and it is mostly useful for changing the signal
phase. In other words, you shouldn't hear any great changes in the audio

> -etc Ditto. Didn't notice anything, except for a nice delay effect. I didn't notice a 'chorus' effect. Just delay. As for the options, I understand delay-time-msec. variance-time-samples is not clear-- does it refer to the number of samples that return as 'delayed?' feedback-% is not clear. I tried settings ranging from 30 - 100. lfo-freq is not clear either. What does this refer to? I tried settings on that ranging from 0-3000. Noticing that it had to do with frequency, I tried 440 and thought it would do something, but no 'chorus' effect. Again, it is a nice delay effect.
> -etl same as above
> -etp same as above

Ecasound's default effect presets include the following:

time_flanger1 = -etl:2,20,50,0.5 -pd:Flanger
time_chorus1 = -etc:2,20,50,0.5 -pd:Chorus
time_phaser1 = -etp:2,50,50,0.05 -pd:Phaser

... do these sound better?

 Audio software for Linux!

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