Effects problems and feedback

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Subject: Effects problems and feedback
From: Justin Rosander (JustinRosander_AT_msn.com)
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 05:34:05 EEST

I'm using v.2.2.0-pre3 of ecasound, and tried the following effects using my guitar through the line input of my soundcard:

-ei:98 I found that this was the lowest percentage I could give ecasound without the output sounding horrible. I found that there is a popping sound that occurs after the pitch shift "loop" (for lack of a better term) finishes. It's a nice effect, but if the "popping" can be removed, it would be nicer. Maybe add a little compression? Do you think that might work? I'll double check and make sure that my "capture" channel on 'alsamixer' is down low. It may be a gain problem.

-eemp Tried various settings with this as well as the following two effects. Nice effect, but still experience a little popping. With a little tweaking, could be used to emulate a Leslie speaker, possibly? Just a thought.
-eemb Same as above.
-eemt Same as above, but no popping. VERY NICE TREMOLO EFFECT!! Sounds very good with a Fender guitar.

-efa Perhaps I'm not using the right syntax for this one. I tried several settings, but didn't notice any audible results. Does this work?
-etc Ditto. Didn't notice anything, except for a nice delay effect. I didn't notice a 'chorus' effect. Just delay. As for the options, I understand delay-time-msec. variance-time-samples is not clear-- does it refer to the number of samples that return as 'delayed?' feedback-% is not clear. I tried settings ranging from 30 - 100. lfo-freq is not clear either. What does this refer to? I tried settings on that ranging from 0-3000. Noticing that it had to do with frequency, I tried 440 and thought it would do something, but no 'chorus' effect. Again, it is a nice delay effect.
-etl same as above
-etp same as above

-ete Very nice reverb! I like it.

This is just some feedback on the effects that come with ecasound. I don't know if I'm using the right syntax on like the chorus, flange, phase and allpass filter effects-- they aren't working. If anyone has any success with these, I'd like to know-- what settings you are using to produce good sounding results, etc. Maybe it's something I'm not doing right, like I said. But if they really aren't working period, I'd also like to know that it's not me or my hardware (I'm using a Creative Ensoniq PCI 128, chipset 1371, ac97, rev 8).Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

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