Re: [ecasound] boolean and small-choice values?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] boolean and small-choice values?
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 23:12:33 EEST

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Mario Lang wrote:

> 1. Some copps have only a small number of possible values,
> like those for waveform selection. It would be great
> if there were some way to
> 1. Know which values can be used
> 2. Have a description for each value, like
> Square, Sawtooth and so on.
> 2. Some copps are boolean, i.e., should only
> have 0 or 1.

These are both covered by ecasound's object maps, and are utilized for
instance in ecamegapedal (creates a generic GUI that can be used for
configuring and using all ecasound effects and LADSPA plugins... ie.
pretty close to what you are doing).

The problem is that the object map information is not yet available
through ECI. On the other hand I've already sketched most of the required
commands. See the ecasound-iam man page or

... and scroll down to 'OBJECT MAPS'. This at least shows what kind of
information is available. The actual interface might be better.
Suggestions are welcome.

Basicly all that is needed is a well-formed (= the syntax is well-defined
and is meant for other programs to read/parse) register command that would
not only list all available objects types, but also their parameters and
other features.

Hmm, one simple solution would be to have interface based on map-xxx-list
and map-xxx-describe command pairs. For instance, map-cop-list would
return a list of strings containing all known cop types (like
cop-register), and 'map-cop-describe x' would return a decription string
for the xth cop type in the list. The syntax could be something like...


> dialog, at least not for me. If 1 would work, I could
> use a radio-button-list to implement it, and for 2, I could
> use a checkbox.

Check out ecasound/libecasound/eca-operator.h and there the
'PARAM_DESCRIPTION' struct. This kind of info is available for all
parameters (although not currently used by all chainops). LADSPA plugins
provide similar hints and ecasound is able to map these hints to its
native format.

> Any way of getting this working somewhere in the future, maybe
> something like the already existing preset -ppl and -ppu stuff?

Yup, these are directly related (they set PARAM_DESCRIPTION fields for the
preset that is being defined).

 Audio software for Linux!

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