[ecasound] development release: 2.2.0-pre1

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 2.2.0-pre1
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 19:27:15 EEST

Now that we got the shared libs out of the way, let's increase the speed a
bit. :) Here's the first 2.2.0 pre-release. My aim is to get 2.2.0 out of
the door in November or December. I don't have much free time for
development, so there won't be many (if any) new features, just lot of
testing and stabilizing work.

Getting 2.2.0 stable might be a bit painful as most people are still using
2.0.x, but once we get this work finished, I hope to be able to put stable
releases out much more frequently (ie. meaning no -preX or -rcY (or -devX)
cycles before each and every stable release).

17102002 (v2.2.0-pre1)
        - edi-entries: edi-24, edi-28, edi-29, edi-30
        - note: libecasound and libkvutils interface version numbers
                will from now on track API changes instead of ABI
        - added: edi-24; resample audio object added
        - added: edi-29; initial version of ecamonitor
        - added: edi-28; eiam-command 'int-output-mode-wellformed'
        - removed: edi-30; ecasound internal plugins no longer
                   installed separately
        - changed: ALSA support requires alsa-lib version
                   0.9rc4 or newer
        - changed: libecasoundc versioning back to normal libtool
                   style; interface version reverted back to 1:0:0
        - changed: edi-28; C implementation of ECI, libecasoundc,
                   is rewritten to not depend on libecasound
        - changed: edi-28; pyecasound is rewritten to use the
                   new C ECI implementation instead of direct
                   use of libecasound
        - changed: edi-30; removed all shared libs and subpackages
                     containing them from ecasound.spec.in
        - changed: added ecamonitor to ecasound.spec.in
        - changed: edi-30; libecasound and libkvutils
                   versioning back to normal libtool style
        - fixed: unnecessary warnings when closing OSS
                 audio objects
        - fixed: unnecessary warnings when adding audio
                 objects to a chainsetup with no chains
                 currently selected
        - fixed: resample, reverse and typeselect audio objects
                 types were broken in 2.1dev11
        - fixed: removing audio inputs and outputs didn't work
                 as specified
        - fixed: bugs in multitrack-mode operation; processing
                 would stop once all input objects were
        - fixed: pyeca.py - correct handling of 'e' and '-'
                 return types [jhalttun]
        - fixed: eiam - removed the extra newline char from output
                 of 'cop-status' and 'ctrl-status'
        - fixed: loglevel settings were lost when output mode
                 was changed
        - fixed: ecamonitor was missing from the dist package

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