Re: [ecasound] ecasound.el --- Version 0.65 released

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound.el --- Version 0.65 released
From: Mario Lang (
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 10:28:21 EEST

Kai Vehmanen <> writes:

> On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Mario Lang wrote:
>> We are doing better ECI handling in general, result values
>> of command like cop-register are even cought if the user enters them manually.
> This really is quite nice! One thing that is a bit annouying is that
> currently (I'm now testing ecasound.el 0.7.1) messages from all loglevels
> are printed. This causes quite a lot of traffic. Maybe the default
> loglevel should be lowered to something like: -d:263 (bitmask of levels
> 1+2+4+256), which is the current default for the console mode
> interface...?

ahh, well, we currently dont have a default limit, but its really simple for you
to set such things:
(setq ecasound-arguments '("-c" "-D" "-d:263"))

I'll look into this bitmask thing and will try to create something more

>> Intro: M-x ecasound RET
>> create some complicated chainop, like the analogue voice ladspa
>> plugin, or even hermes.
>> Then do M-x ecasound-cop-edit RET, or select ChainOp -> Edit... from
>> the menu. This gives you a chainop editor in a second window.
> Hmm, I'm getting the following in the *cop-edit* window:
> --cut--
> Chain default:
> <1. Reverb
> < %v (%t)
> %s
> --cut--
> ... with a chainsetup with one reverb. Is this as it should be?

There seems to be a bug hidden...

What does M-: (eci-cop-status) return?

>> P.S.: I am a text-mode only person, so, if someone has the time it would
>> be nice to get a up-to-date, cool screenshot again, maybe
>> with cop-edit or something...
> Sounds good, once I get the cop-edit thing working, I'll take some new
> screenshots!
>> PS2: I'm still open for suggestions :)
> Hmm, is it possible/practical to read 'eci-program' from the ECASOUND
> environment variable (if it is defined)? This would unify ecasound.el
> operation with the current C ECI implementation.

Yes, It's on the TODO, and actually very simple. I'll do that
for the next release.


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