[ecasound] Re: [Alsa-user] "Device busy" w/ multitrack capture on Delta-66

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Subject: [ecasound] Re: [Alsa-user] "Device busy" w/ multitrack capture on Delta-66
From: Daniel G. Epstein (dgpestein_AT_pobox.com)
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 16:39:58 EEST

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 09:43:14PM -0500, Anthony wrote:
> Ahh, the mystery that is asoundrc. I swear you have to know some sort
> of black magic to figure this stuff out :) Anyway, I suspect that your
> unable to open the second plugin because the underlying hardware is
> already in use...There is supposed to be some sort of shm server that
> could make this possible, but I see no intelligble documentation.

Yeah, no kidding. It's a really neat package, and an excellent
direction for linux to take, but I came really close to buying a Mac
simply because I couldn't deal with the frustration any more. I wish I
had time, and a better knowledge of C, so I could volunteer to work on

> Anyway, here is one solution by using the H/W layer directly. This
> should also be more efficient:
> ecasound -f:s32_le,12,48000,i -a:1,2 -i:alsa,ice1712 \
> -a:1 -f:s32_le,1,48000 -erc:1,1 -o:mono.32_le.1.wav \
> -a:2 -f:s32_le,1,48000 -erc:2,1 -o:mono.32_le.2.wav

Thank you. I have been fighting with this for so long. Do you know
what the -erc settings would be with stereo input for each instrument?

> note how the hardware device has 12 inputs, regardless of your H/W

[clouds part, light streams down] ahhh . . .

> configuration (I have D44 and so only four usuable real channels). The
> ice1712 is the name I gave to the hardware device. I think it is
> necessary to use 48 KHz here, otherwise I get:
> sampling rate of audio object 'mono.32_le.1.wav' differs from engine
> rate (48000 <-> 96000); unable to continue."
> I forget how to coax it into different rates. HTH

Hmmm . . . I've just managed to record at s16_le,12,44100 and play back at
the same (but with two channels) without any errors. This may be a
difference between the onboard mixers in the Delta 44 and 66?

Thank you again,


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