Re: [ecasound] improving the multitracking experience

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] improving the multitracking experience
From: Luke Tindall (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 12:32:58 EEST

Hi list,
  Yes I feel guilty here as I started a project for a ecasound front end. I basically got bogged down with work commitments and then moved house. I'm not sure how much time I will get this summer but if it was gettting useful as a song arranger. My problem was that I got stuck trying to package it up so other could try it out. Also I realised the design had problems and was going to rewrite the eci side. I originally put wasted effort into writing a ecs parser when I should have queried the engine through eci commands.
The real outstanding issues are as follows:
1. In order to create the wavplot I based my code on wavnorm. This limited me to wav files. I basically needed to look at switching the code to using libsndfile. Also the vu meters opened /dev/dsp which meant the with the eca engine was active you couldn't do metering. Maybe jack could solve this.
2. I wanted to use peak files to prevent the need for reading the audio data every time the chainset was loaded. There has been some interesting discussions on lad recently.
3. Basically my autoconf, automake complie and install stuff worked but I'm not confident it would work if someone wanted to install into a different location. Say the pixmaps are not installed into /usr/share/APPNAME/pixmaps
, how does the program find them.

Anyway I have put all this on the back burner and I'm not sure waht other people want. I'll have a look at the code and try to create a tarball if anyone's interested.

Luke Tindall.

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