[ecasound] 24-bit recording (with M-Audio Delta 1010LT)

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Subject: [ecasound] 24-bit recording (with M-Audio Delta 1010LT)
From: Craig Meyer (craig_r_meyer_AT_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 05:07:30 EEST

Boiled down, my question has to do with configuring
ecasound to recognize and use my sound card's (in OSS)
24-bit capabilities.

My new sound card, an M Audio Delta 1010LT, was made
to do 24-bit sampling and playback at up to 96000
samples per second. Okay.

The 96000 part seems to be working fine. I can both
sample and play back at this rapid rate, which is

It's looking like the 24-bit part isn't happening,
however. I can't play back at 24 bits per sample,

  ERROR: [ECA-CHAINSETUP] : "Enabling chainsetup:
  AUDIOIO-OSS: audio format not supported (1)"

... and when I sample at 24 bits (or rather, in this
case 32) per sample,

  ecasound -i /dev/dsp6 -f s32_le,1,44100,n
  -o manybits.raw

...it looks like everything is going well, but the
recorded file ends up looking like this:

  00000000: 0000 8907 0000 5e08 0000 3a09 0000 db09
  00000010: 0000 2d0b 0000 740c 0000 c30c 0000 ac0c
  00000020: 0000 690c 0000 ec0a 0000 6c08 0000 2d06
  00000030: 0000 4705 0000 f305 0000 9a06 0000 ae06
  00000040: 0000 b906 0000 b806 0000 fd06 0000 7b08
  00000050: 0000 820a 0000 170c 0000 d00c 0000 d10c

Look at all those "0000" blocks. If these were 32-bit
samples from a 16-bit device, then this is exactly
what I'd expect: two bytes of "0000" with every two
bytes of actual signal.

But this is a 24-bit device. So I don't seem to be
sampling at 24 bits, and it won't let me play stuff I
say is 24-bits per sample (at any speed.)

So there must be something I can do to get ecasound to
talk to OSS the right way. What could I be missing?
Furthermore, is there a way to prove that the OSS
driver is or isn't doing its' job in the quest for
24-bit sampling?

Thanks people, this is really important to me.
--Craig Meyer
  Seattle WA

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