[ecasound] from iPAQ to 64bit ultrasparc

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Subject: [ecasound] from iPAQ to 64bit ultrasparc
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 22:02:09 EEST

After many failed attempts, I finally managed to compile and run ecasound
on our university's new 64bit dual-ultrasparcII server running Solaris

This project involved a lot more work than my previous ecasound on iPAQ
project. First of all there weren't any of the GNU tools installed, so I
had to install quite a few apps under my user directory. I then installed
multiple versios of gcc (2.95.4, 3.0.4 and latest 3.1), but with not very
good results. Sometimes even the compiler bootstrap failed horribly, and
in the few cases I managed to get a working gcc C++ environment, the
resulting ecasound binaries just segfaulted on startup. It seems that
gcc's support for 64bit solaris still has its problems (or I did something
wrong files bootstrapping the compilers).

Anyways, so with no luck with gcc, I proceeded to try compiling with Sun
Workshop 6 C++ compiler. This was an interesting experiment, as this was
the first time I tried to compile a recent ecasound version with a non-gcc
compiler. Sun's compiler was quite good in detecting certain types of
dangerous C++ constructs, so it was also good chance to improve the

Unfortunately linking template-heavy code turned out to be a _major_ pain
in the butt. By adding workaround for the Sun compiler to ecasund's
configure.in (soon in CVS), the whole process finally went through and the
resulting binary worked! Yiihaa! :)

This experiment has helped to verify quite a few things:

- basic ecasound functionality is ready for 64bit platform
- bigendian operation mostly works (I fixed quite a few
  bugs during the project... there are still some bugs
  left, most notably in handling .wav files)
- ecasound code is not tied to gcc

 Audio software for Linux!

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