Re: [ecasound] ecasound/jack

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound/jack
From: S. Massy (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 05:35:03 EET

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Kai Vehmanen <> wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, S. Massy wrote:
> > I'm trying to get the latest CVS of jack and ecasound to team up
> > together but it's not working too well. Jackd is working fine, I can get
> > the jack monitor utility to give me a good clean sound, however when I
> > try something like:
> > # ecasound -b:512 -f:16,2,44100 -i:jack_alsa,in -o:jack_alsa,out -c
> > and then start the engine I get a LOUD buzz and nothing more. What might
> > be going on here?
> Hmm, something has gone wrong. How does it work with large buffersizes
> (for instance -b:4096, remember to run jackd with -p 4096)?
The loud buzz resolves into a series of loud clicks. In other words the
smaller the buffersize the faster the clicks. Also I forgot to mention
that it only occurs on the left channel, right channel is silent.

> > Few things I've noticed:
> > - Alsa support is broken in latest CVS. (I believe that was mentioned by
> > someone in a earlier message.)
> Hmm, working fine here. How does it actually fail?
In fact, here's what I found out: playback works fine both with alsa
native and jack but recording doesn't. Any attempt at recording produces
an empty file with both.
> > - Either there's an oversight in the jack plugin code or ecasound is
> > ignoring -f because if I start jackd with a sr of 48 Khz and try to
> > tell ecasound about it -f:16,2,48000 it still complains about
> > expecting a sr of 44.1.
> Do you have some audio object in the same chainsetup with locked audio
> format to 44.1kHz - for instance a wav-input with sample rate of 44100?
# ecasound -b:4096 -f:16,2,48000 -i:jack_alsa,in -o:jack_alsa,out -c
* ecasound v2.1dev8 (C) 1997-2002 Kai Vehmanen
- [ Session created ] ------------------------------------------------------
(eca-static-object-maps) dlsym() failed; /usr/local/lib/ecasound-plugins/ "/usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol:audio_io_interface_version".
- [ Chainsetup created (cmdline) ] -----------------------------------------
(eca-chainsetup-parser) Setting buffersize to (samples) 4096.
ecasound ('h' for help)> t
- [ Connecting chainsetup ] ------------------------------------------------
(eca-chainsetup) 'rtlowlatency' buffering mode selected.
(eca-control) ERROR: Connecting chainsetup failed: "Enabling chainsetup: AUDIOIO-JACK: Cannot connect open connection! Samplerate 44100 differs from JACK server's buffersize of 48000."
Warning! Selected chainsetup cannot be connected. Can't performrequested action.
ecasound ('h' for help)>
> The current CVS-version doesn't have any resampling code, so if you have
> objects with differing sample rates, processing will fail.
> Also check that you are not overriding "default-audio-format" in your
> ~/.ecasound/ecasoundrc.
:( I am, I wouldn't need to specify the sr were I not overriding it.
> The ecasoundrc system is one problem item at the moment. As I've noted
> before, it might not have been such a good idea to rely on ecasound always
> finding the global ecasoundrc file. As it is now, if ecasound is not able
> to find neither the global resource file nor a local rc-file, many
> configurable values are set to nonsensical defaults (like a sample-rate of
> -1Hz). Needless to say, this will cause ecasound to behave a bit funny. ;)
But what's wrong with overriding the default sr?
> > Suggestion: It would be quite useful if there was a utility to list
> > registered ports also possibly telling us what is connected to what.
> 'killall -v -USR1 jackd' and you get of list of all JACK clients, ports
> and connections (printed on the jackd console).
It's exactly what I want except that:
# killall -v -USR1 jackd
Killed jackd(28990) with signal 10
Killed jackd(28991) with signal 10
Killed jackd(28992) with signal 10
Killed jackd(28993) with signal 10
Killed jackd(28994) with signal 10
Killed jackd(28995) with signal 10
[2]+ User defined signal 1 jackd -R -d alsa -d sbl -p 4096 -H

I tried sending the signal to a single thread but the result was the
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