[ecasound] Ecamegapedal rework

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Subject: [ecasound] Ecamegapedal rework
From: Dan J Lyons (dan.lyons_AT_angelfire.com)
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 09:06:32 EET

Hi there,

        I started reworking ecamegapedal work gnome/gtk using glade, tentatively renamed to "Geek Effects" (a playful pronounciation of g-eca-effects). I'm thinking of advertising this effort with the slogan "Finally! You too can make your $2000 linux system into an effect unit that would cost you $200!"
        I have never worked on a GNU project and I'm very much new to ecasound, however I've managed to get this thing working a bit.

Features will hopefully include:

1) A good looking, easy to use GUI... especially being able to input numeric values on the keyboard for effect parameters AND sliders. (On this other effect thing I was trying to match the phaser timing with the echo timing... and of course the slider's don't match, however having ONLY ).

2) Preset editor (load/save effects combos)

3) Some premade guitar effects - may force me to REQUIRE some ladspa crap - but hey, it's worth it. Hopefully a good combination of LADSPA or whatever effects that produce some real cool guitar stuff.

4) Speaker explosion prevention (Ever played with ecasound when suddenly you found yourself thinking "Crap - I switched to this weird new LADSPA effect thing and my speaker exploded! Time to pull out the damned duct tape again!")

Coincidental unplanned features:

1) Full acronym support. LADSPA, ALSA, OSS, BSD, GNU, GTK, GNOME, OOP, WTF, ANSI, GUI, OS, ORG, ORGY, etc.
2) Skins. I'm just gonna make some snazzy GIMP images for the buttons and crap so anyone can overwrite them.
3) Hard Drive development encouragement. See, as this program is bound to cause large core files appearing on random places in people's hard drive, people will spend more money on hard drives, causing the hard drive manufacturer's to spend more money on hard drive development.

Hoping to have a preliminary release within the next week or two.

Now excuse me if I ramble on a bit...

The work started as I've been trying out myriads of computer effects processors and they all pretty much suck. There's this cool shareware FX Box for some little known operation system called Bimbos or Windows or something like that (for the curious readers), but it cuts out after 4 minutes of processing and my beer expenses don't allow me to purchase the full version at this point in time.

I was impressed by ecasound's realtime processing, but tweaking it's effects was somewhat time consuming. That and I'm far too lazy to read documentation, nevermind type commands like "-eli:echo_1-2nanosecond_version". So instead I code C++, right? right.

Ecamegapedal is nice, however, glade was sittin there on my computer somehow automagically installed by RedHat so I randomly decided to forget ecamegapedal's code and use glade to reinvent the wheel. Actually, glade's pretty damn cool - very nice facility for editing your GUI with WYSIWYG power. Though GTK is am example of "let's write C++ code without using the ++" (although, it's MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Motif) and when i tried the C++ version of glade/GTK my segmentations faulted (further developing HD's, right?)... somehow the compiler options I cut and pasted from that crap that's on the screen when you type ./configure and follow it with "make" seem to integrate the C++ ecawave and C glade stuff well enough that the thing compiled and executed.

Anyhow, happy coding,

PS Remind me to pump this email back and forth through one of those auto-translation-to-foreign-language programs and see what comes out.

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