[ecasound] ecasound on dell laptop working

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasound on dell laptop working
From: De Clarke (de_AT_ucolick.org)
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 21:47:08 EET


Just wanted to let Kai (and the gang) know that this newbie has got
ecasound working with the Dell Inspiron laptop with Linux 7.2 --
maestro driver, OSS/Free as shipped w/Linux (in other words a very
turnkey out-of-the-box system with no kernel hacking involved).

discovered a good mixer (mix-2000) along the way -- but if anyone
would like to recommend a better one I am listening :-)

wavrec still does not work, but ecasound does a great job of recording,
so I am not going to waste a lot of time figuring out why wavrec
doesn't work.

question; when recording with

        ecasound -i:/dev/dsp -o somefile.wav

is there any way to stop the recording other than ctrl-c? so far I
have only read the Example Commands, so as to get started right away
and find out how well audio capture works w/my hardware. I confess
I have not yet properly read the manuals :-)

if other folks on this list could comment on what other tools they
use with ecasound I would be very interested to hear about wav file
editors, standalone noise filters etc. I built Gmurf but as yet I
don't understand what it does.

my adventures so far are very small beginner steps:

        ecasound -i:/dev/dsp -o somefile.wav
        ecasound -i somefile.wav -o /dev/dsp
        lame somefile.wav somefile.mp3
        mpg123 somefile.mp3

I can hear a loss of quality in the mp3 output, but the compression
is about 10 to 1 and the quality loss is not nearly that large :-)
so I am impressed.

could more experienced ecasound (and linux digital audio) hackers
please recommend any good books and/or FAQs which would bring me
quickly out of the analog realm and into this new world? topics
I am particularly interested in are quality enhancement, i.e. how
to make the final mp3 sound good -- how to burn my own audio CD
using linux -- how to use portable mp3 players -- how to make new
multitrack recordings using ecasound -- how to mix down multi-wav
multitracks to stereo master -- MIDI to wav and incorporating MIDI
tracks into multitrack recordings -- what horsepower (MHz rating)
CPU is recommended -- and if I decide to use a "real" machine
instead of a laptop, what sound cards are the most reliable and
best value for the $$.

I realize this is an overwhelming list of newbie questions which
is why I am asking for FAQs and book recommendations rather than
for answers :-) Just send URLs and I will go and read...
I'll also be using google to try to find some documents that answer
these qs.

best wishes (and THANKS Kai and the team for ecasound!)

de (fossilized analog audio hacker trying to evolve)

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