[ecasound] pyecasound issues

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Subject: [ecasound] pyecasound issues
From: Kai Vehmanen (kai.vehmanen_AT_wakkanet.fi)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 03:08:55 EET

Couple of things:

1. New module name for pyecasound

I've made the following change to CVS:

- changed: pyecasound - module libpyecasound.so renamed
           to pyeca.so; this replaces the old pyeca.py

.. "import pyeca" works as before, but now it imports "pyeca.so"
instead of the wrapper "pyeca.py". This should be faster and less error

2. Python and RTDL_GLOBAL

As mentioned some time ago on this list, python loads its dynamic modules
without the RTDL_GLOBAL flag (starting from 1.5.2). In practise this means
that ecasound is unable to load its own plugins. So ALSA, JACK and
libaudiofile audio object types are not available from pyecasound. LADSPA
plugins works however, because they don't depend on libecasound and

There is a way around this limitation, but it's not pretty. I
got sooperlooper working with jackd by issuing (all on one line):

/home/kaiv/apps/eca/lib/libecasound_debug.so python2.2 ./sltester.py

Not very nice. The idea here is to load all libraries needed by the
ecasound audio plugins before starting python.

Another possible solutions:

- add a wrapper which manually loads the libraries before pyecasound
  initialization (I'm not sure how to do this)
- add an option to ecasound to include all plugins to
  directly to libecasound.so (no dynamic loading)

3. Pyecasound works with Python 2.2

I just installed python 2.2 on my system and tested pyecasound with it.
After fixing one huge bug in 2.1dev8 that affected all ECI programs,
pyecasound now works fine. I also have python2.0 still installed, so I can
test both versions.

One question to the python experts: which python version is _the_ version
at the moment? Should I still build the pyecasound binary against

 Audio software for Linux!

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