Re: [ecasound] ecasound 2.0.4 released!

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound 2.0.4 released!
From: Tobiah (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 19:26:54 EET


I don't yet have time to track all this down, so I thought
that I would mention some of my current troubles to this list.

I was using ecasound 2.0.3 to record a wave file at 24/96000
(midiman Delta44) and I noticed that it had a crackling sound
added in with the input. Any bit width is the same, but 44100Hz
worked cleanly with all bit widths.

Ok, I thought that this might be a bug with 2.0.3, so I got 2.0.4.
It insists that it doesn't understand the input format 'alsa'.
I read some posts about the plugin path in the .ecsoundrc, but
it does point to a dir /usr/local/lib/ecasound-plugins/
and there are a bunch of libraries in there, including *alsa* ones.

I noticed that when I did 'make install' with 2.0.4 the end of the
script indicated that alsa support was not enabled. I never
had to do anything strange before to get alsa working with previous
versions of ecasound, but I tried (after puffing entire directory
and re-opening source tar ball) doing --enable-alsa. Still the
script displayed that alsa was not configured.

Now I edited the configure script, and looked for lines that had
the key 'alsa' in them. Everywhere there was a conditional for
'enable_alsa=yes' (or whatever the variable was/were) I hard-coded
in the 'yes'.

This resulted in the install script believing that alsa was turned
on, but I still got the 'unknown input format' message when running.

Last problem is that I run a dual boot with windows, and I make 24/96000
files with n-track studio, and Soundforge 5.0. It turns out that
ecasound can't read 24 bit files from either windows application, and
neither windows app can read ecasound's 24 bit files. They actually
load fine in either direction, but the result is noise. They sound
they way they might with an 'endian' problem, but I rather doubt that it
is that simple.

Ok, thanks for any help.


Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> Bug fixes related to LADSPA plugins and ALSA 0.9 support,

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