Re: [ecasound] time based mixing functions.

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] time based mixing functions.
From: Luke Tindall (
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 11:56:36 EET

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 02:22, Jeremy Hall wrote:
> but what we really need is automation. THat would *REALLY* *REALLY*
> help! SUre you can change amplitude with kl2, but trying to control dozens
> of these in a live mix situation would be pretty much unheard of. Having
> just performed a complex mix, I REALLY REALLY want ardour to work.
> _J

This is why eci exists. There is so much than can be achieved with ecasound.
I found that writing an eci-front end with gui sliders etc really speeds up
mixing. Also turning back to the question of doing fades. Using ewf is not
the only way to achieve this. The best way is to have an event list that you
can build up. This is the approach with midi sequencers and IMO the best way
to implement this. All the control (dials,sliders,spin buttons etc) could be
tracked in real time and added to a dynamic list by the sequencer, after all
we can get the timing from the ecasound engine. Obviously there will be some
overheads but given some optimisation would be totally acceptable. I've
already done it with amplitude and pan. All event can be built up in a linked
list for each chain with a time stamp and the sequencer will issue an
eci-command and the correct time. Global list can also be included. Basically
ewf file cannot do all this and isn't intended for this. Believe me ecasound
alone isn't suited to this but eci provides all that is needed.
I'm totally snowed under with work at the moment but hope to get back to work
on my gui app. I'm crap with automake and auotconf type stuff so may end up
just writing a basic makefile, luckily I only use gtk and eci and standard c
libraires so it should compile ok.
One question for you clever ecasounders out there. Implementing the volume
control is a little bit of a problem. -ea takes a %+- but what is really
needed is a way to set the slider to a value relative to % of clipping value.
Any ideas on a good solution?

Luke Tindall
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