[ecasound] sync. problems on simple project

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Subject: [ecasound] sync. problems on simple project
From: Daniel Clark (drac32_AT_yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 17:59:11 EET


I like the look of ecasound - the command-line
interface seems pretty intuitive. Just some teething
problems I think. I'll just list the kit I have, in
case it's relevant to performance: I'm using Pentium
850 Hz / 512 MB RAM / Mandrake 8.0 / Ecasound 2.0.3 /
Soundblaster Live Platinum (with OSS drivers).

The problem
I'm just trying to record 2 tracks. I record the 1st,
then record the 2nd, play both back & find a delay
(e.g. 0.25 seconds) between them, where the 2nd track
always sounds late.

I've tried all the relevant options (and all in
combination) I could think of from reading the
(a) -r option
(b) running as root
(c) -z:db
(d) -b:256 (reducing buffer size)
...but none works reliably.

I've also tried shutting down to console mode only &
monitoring the CPU and RAM, but neither seem to be

I can illustrate it best by running:
ecasound -i:/dev/dsp -o:/dev/dsp
...then tapping the microphone sounds slightly late on
the speakers.

If I start a new shell, then try this again
(regardless of which of the above options I choose),
it's sometimes o.k. (i.e. no delay), but then running
the exact same command afterwards & there's a delay

Does it make a difference to run in interactive mode
(-c) & exit cleanly, rather than exiting with
control-C? This doesn't seem to make a reliable

Is it unreasonable to expect better performance with
the kit I have?
Is there an easy way to sync. the tracks later (e.g.
cut white noise off the beginning of track 2)??
Is there temporary info. stored between invocations of
ecasound? is there a buffer I could clear before
running it?

Any suggestions/pointers would be much appreciated.

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