Re: [ecasound] ecasound front end

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound front end
From: Luke Tindall (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 12:29:55 EET

On Thursday 01 November 2001 16:15, Kai wrote:
> And at least in theory you shouldn't need to write an ecs parser as
> libecasound already has this functionality. You use it by loading the ecs
> file with cs-load, and then use ECI commands to query the results.

Actually you've got a good point. Perhaps it is best to use eci and parse the
returning string.

> But of course, in some cases ECI might not be flexible (or easy to use)
> enough, and then a custom ecs-parser is needed. In the long run, however,
> ECI should be extended to cover as many use-cases as possible, so that ECI
> apps could concentrate on adding functionality, not replicating
> libecasound code.


> The above approach might make more sense to ECI-apps: don't directly
> access ecs-files, but instead use ECI for all communication.
> - load: cs-load + query parsed information using ECI
> - save: create a chainsetup using ECI + cs-save

The only thing I've noticed that could be a potential problem is timing. For
example if you use setpos and then immediatly call get-position, if your call
comes before the engine has set the position, will you get the old position?
Is there a flag to check if the command has completed? I will need to get all
the chainset information and and if you can get this through eci-command then
I agree that parsing the ecs file is replicatiing code. The problem here now
is that I will have to to create string parsers to get chainset info.

Another point. I notice that you, Kai that is, use a peak file for ecawave.
At the moment I'm using a wav file reader to get the peak data and render a
pixmap for the wavplot view. This is obviously slow. Before I start thinking
about a peak file format, would it be easier to use the same format as
ecawave? I don't intend to have zooming in the track view as fine editing is
the role for a sound editor. Also say a range is selected for the selected
track and then aio-wave-edit is called, could there be way to send the
selection range to ecawave. Also would it be possible for the edited file to
be added to the chainset so that the edits could be heard with the other
tracks in the multitracker. In other words:

aio-select trackn.wav
pass the selected region to ecawave
unload trackn.wav from chainset
load /tmp/edittrack.wav to chainset

The mulittracker could then playback/loop the range with the edits. When you
leave ecawave the original file can be restored to the chainset. I just feel
that effects have to be heard in relations to the whole song not just the
selected chain.

Luke Tindall
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