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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecs-files
From: janne halttunen (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 14:07:57 EEST

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, janne halttunen wrote:
> > One sleepless night, I thought about an XML-representation of the setup,
> Xml would indeed fit nicely for describing chainsetups. But at least for
> now, I've wanted to keep ecasound xml-free. The bad side of xml is that
> you need a parser for it --> a new dependency for ecasound.

You're propably right in doing so.

> > ..but I don't think it would be that useful. What would, instead, be of use
> > in XML, is the cop-registers:
> [...]
> > <EFFECT type='internal'>
> > <NAME>Amplify</NAME>
> > <DESC>Amplifies signal by amplify-% percent.</DESC>
> [...]
> Actually this is not necessary for internal effects, as all the required
> information can already specified in the source code. Same applies to
> LADSPA-plugins (you can check the information with the 'analyseplugin'
> tool that comes with LADSPA_SDK).

I am thinking about extracting this information from the sourcecode
through ECI. Like extensions to 'cop-register' and 'ladspa-register';
'cop-pd-register' and 'ladspa-pd-register'.

> I've been thinking about adding new preset-specific options. Something
> like:
> - pd* (preset description)
> - descripton: -pd:"A more verbose description of the preset."
> - pp* (preset parameter information)
> - upper bounds: -ppu:200,1.2,-,-
> - lower bounds: -ppl:100,-1.0,0,-
> - default values: -ppd:150,0,0,0
> - type flags: -ppt:-,log,int,toggle

Hey, how about using the above syntax in the pd-registers?

eiam> cop-pd-register
        -pd:"Amplifies signal of channel 'channel' by amplify-% percent."

BTW, how in the above you'd know which parameters can be controlled?

> With this information, internal effects, presets and LADSPA plugins would
> look equal to users and applications like ecamegapedal which use this
> hint-information for building user-intefaces.

No doubt it would be nice. But I think it would also serve great in
applications depending solely on ECI.


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