Re: [ecasound] Gteca errors

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Gteca errors
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 22:30:14 EEST

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, janne halttunen wrote:

>> And now it's rewritten. ;) Libtool is still used, but the final linking
>> phase of (the python module) is done manually.
> Thanks for your effort Kai, I've heard that writing makefiles isn't the
> most pleasant of tasks in the world. :)

Well, yesterday also wasn't the best day for me. ;) Anyway, the
autoconf/automake/libtool trio (that has brought us "./configure ; make ;
make install") is usually a pleasure to work with... at least as long
as you don't do anything non-standard. If something does go wrong, you'll
quickly fall from auto-heaven to auto-hell. :)

> So, if you install 2.1dev, pyecasound will be linked to it?
> And also, do you have any general instructions of meddling about with
> development versions ecasound when older ecasound is installed?

Well, especially after these latest changes, it has become quite
straightforward. Just pick a some custom directory for the 2.1 development
series (~/ecasound-2.1, /usr/local/ecasound-2.1, I have a habit of using
/usr/local/eca), and then build ecasound, ecawave and ecamegapedal with
"./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ecasound-2.1". To avoid unnecessary
typing, you can make symbolic links to the binaries (ln -s
/usr/local/ecasound-2.1/bin/ecasound /usr/local/bin/ecasound_dev).

For instance, on my machine:

###| ~ |$ ecasound_debug --version
ecasound v2.1dev2
###| ~ |$ ecasound --version
ecasound v2.0.3
###| ~ |$ ecasound_cvs --version
ecasound v2.1dev2
###| ~ |$ ecamegapedal --version
ecamegapedal v0.2.0 - [libecasound 2.0.3]
###| ~ |$ ecawave_debug --version
ecawave v0.5dev0 - [libecasound 2.1dev2]

... the above stable versions are installed from binary-rpms. So no
annoying conflicts.

Pyecasound is a bit different case, as only one version of it can be
installed in python's library path. But otherwise it works just as
nicely. For instance:

###| ~ |$ ldd /usr/local/lib/python2.0/site-packages/ => /usr/local/eca/lib/ (0x40007000) => /usr/local/eca/lib/ (0x40232000)

So it finds the right libraries even though /usr/local/eca/lib is not
mentioned in any system-wide library paths (/etc/

Summa summarum, just make sure you have the correct --prefix.

 Audio software for Linux!

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